Welcome to my little virtual world 🙂 I am Prasanthi (Shanti), a Computer Engineer by profession. I hail from Southern India (a peaceful city called Visakhapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh). I’ve grown up loving fashion & styling (the seed potted in my head by my grandmother, love you Amomma! and from my sister whose style I always admired & I wanted to become like her while growing up, much of which has never changed!)

Being the KV student (and the nerd I am), I always enjoyed writing and I aspired to become a writer, in one of my childhood phases. My love for styling, writing & reading grew with me and I started this space as an outlet for Fashion, to share about my personal picks.

Through this journey, my own personal style and my approach towards fashion, has evolved. I have always been a curious soul, and through this journey, my approach not only towards Fashion but towards my entire lifestyle has changed. Now, after all these years, when I come back to my blog, I just feel like I have been limiting this space. I, as a person, have grown in many aspects of life and I don’t want to restrict my blog to one category, I want to let it reflect, and grow with me.

My love for everything sartorial however remains the same. I always had a special love and respect for Indian outfits and fabrics, which I felt weren’t getting the deserved attention in our contemporary lifestyles. I have been carefully adding pieces to my wardrobe, which are sustainable, and are curated out of excellent craftsmanship. I have been talking about a lot of such pieces, and that will continue to be the heart of the blog. Along with that, you can also expect to hear a lot about Sustainable lifestyle practices, some yummy food (though I don’t claim to be a cook), urban gardening, DIY projects, beauty, and lifestyle updates. So here I am to inspire and get inspired!

I hope you like the time you spend reading my random musings 🙂

Little Things I enjoy: Coffee, Home Decor, Cooking, Reading, Pastel Colors & Whites, Accessories, Calm and pleasant Music, Rainbow, Roses, Beaches, and Sunset.

Some recent Obsessions: Plants, Sustainable and minimal lifestyle, Healthy Food, Personal growth Books 🙂

Apart from talking about my favorite things, this blog is a platform for me where I can relax my mind from the routine, express my thoughts and connect with some like-minded people 🙂 If you think we could connect, I’m just a comment away 🙂