Welcome to my little virtual world 🙂 I am Prasanthi (Shanti), a Computer Engineer by profession.

There are certain little things in life that give us a lot of pleasure 🙂 Looking put together, finding some prettiest outfits, gulping yummy food,  personal care – both physical and mental health, home decor and many more are the things I enjoy, and certainly you don’t need to build a career around things you love doing.  As much as I love & enjoy my profession, I believe that having a hobby that’s close to heart helps us unwind from the routine, and enjoy our life in an even better way! It also helps in keeping your creative side up 🙂

When I first started, I wrote a lot about things I buy and how I style them, and this space has always been about Fashion. But now, I just feel Fashion is a very limiting space. You don’t always have to dress or look certain way to feel beautiful. There can be many other reasons which can make us look and feel beautiful, Gratitude being one of the ways!

However my love for everything sartorial and specially my love for Indian outfits has been curving up. I have been carefully adding pieces to my wardrobe, that are long lasting, sustainable, eco friendly and I will still talk about them 🙂 Photography is another huge expression of art these days and I personally love it because, it was the first to lend me the glasses of creativity and a perspective to the world. I have embraced it since and it has forever played a role of a bridge for me, between what’s out there in the world and a land of creativity.  As there’s always beauty in growing, I want this space to grow with me and reflect all my thoughts & actions!

I hope you like the time you spend reading my random musings 🙂

Some other Little Things I enjoy: Coffee, my puppy, Home Decor, Cooking, Pastel Colors & Whites, Lipsticks, Handbags and Shoes, Outfits, Stationary, Calm and pleasant Music, Rainbow, Roses, Beaches and Sunset.

Some recent Obsessions: Plants, Sustainable and minimal lifestyle, Healthy Food, Personal growth Books 🙂

Apart from talking about my favorite things, this blog is a platform for me where I can relax my mind from the routine, express my thoughts and connect with some like-minded people 🙂 If you think we could connect, I’m just a comment away 🙂