I am Prasanthi (Shanti), a Computer Engineer by profession and a blogger by fascination.
Because Fashion is a such a limiting word, I cannot quite express many things I hold within myself.
There are certain little things in life that give us a lot of pleasure πŸ™‚ Looking put together, finding some prettiest outfits are a few things I enjoy and it gives me pleasure & helps me unwind from my routine, in a way.

When I first started blogging, I was this timid girl afraid to put myself out. But through my career, I learned that greatest things are possible when we push ourselves out of our tiny bubble. This platform to me, is more of an artistic expression of the little things I cherish. I chose this space to give my readers an insight of my personal style which is feminine, fun & approachable and also bring down to you all the brands/stores I love in fashion, makeup and lifestyle.

I love to look put together in every occasion whether it is everyday at work, casual outing or a celebration. Being an Indian, I treasure my Ethnic jewelry and outfits specially a Sari πŸ™‚

I love photography as much as I enjoy dressing up. Photography is special because it was the first to lend me the glasses of creativity and a perspective to the world. I have embraced it since and it has forever played a role of a bridge for me, between what’s out there in the world and a land of creativity.

As a photographer and the sense of creativity I have imbibed from it, I have a knack of arranging the ordinary in a way that looks simplistically pretty through my lens.

Some other Little Treasures of my Life: Coffee, my puppy, Home Decor, Cooking, Pastel Colors & Whites, Lipsticks, Handbags and Shoes, Outfits, Stationary, Calm and pleasant Music, Rainbow, Roses, Beaches and Sunset.

If you love our expression of art and would love to work with us in showcasing your brand/products, we could be reached at aimforglam@gmail.com