Prasanthi Kadiyala:

I am Prasanthi (Shanti), a Hardware Engineer by profession and a blogger by fascination.
Because Fashion is a such a limiting word, I cannot quite express many things I hold within myself.
There are certain little things in life that give us a lot of pleasure 🙂 Looking put together, finding some prettiest outfits are a few things I enjoy and I get more happiness when I receive compliments.

When I first started blogging, I was this timid girl afraid to put myself out. But through my career, I learned that greatest things are possible when we push ourselves out of our tiny bubble called comfort zone. This is a platform is more of an artistic expression of the little things I cherish. I chose this space to give my readers an insight of my personal style and all the brands I love in fashion, makeup and lifestyle.

My style is Simple, Elegant and Minimalistic. I love to look put together in every occasion whether it is work, casual outing or a celebration. Being an Indian, I treasure my Ethnic jewelry and outfits specially a Sari 🙂

Little Treasures of my Life: Coffee, Home Decor, Cooking, Pastel Colors, Lipsticks, Handbags and Shoes, Outfits, Stationary, Rainbow, Roses, Beaches and Sunset.

Kranthi Kalluru:

I am Kranthi Kalluru, MIS Graduate, born & brought up in Visakhapatnam, India and moved to US now. I not only love talking and exploring about various trends of Fashion, I also love personal training, skin care, trying new makeup techniques and products . 

My mother being an inspiration to me, I have started including Yoga as a part of my everyday physical activity.Now I am a Certified Yoga Trainer.I workout for 6days a week.I am a foodie by heart.

I also like exploring and curating DIY hair and skin care masks with products easily available at home.

I am a co-founder of AimforGlam, with an idea of inspiring people by sharing all the healthy and trendy stuff with diverse audience. 
I love using Natural and Organic Products for Skin and Hair and have been doing a lot of research on them and blogging my views on different Products.

I have won collaborations with Maple Holistics based out of USA.

We hope you enjoy reading our posts. We enjoy meeting new people and getting inspired by them. Our idea behind the blog is to talk about everyday fashion and skincare, which is trendy yet affordable. And living in the world of brands, we do love trying some premium and luxury brands , so you might also find some posts in that line. Your suggestions help us improve our posts and bring the best out of us.

Happy Blogging !!