Organza Love

White Hand Painted Organza Silk Saree

Organza sarees are really having their moment now! They are not something new to us, our mothers and our grand mothers have worn them, and they have worn it with such ease, which amazes me. We have seen them all over in our 80’s and 90’s fashion and now they are here again with a contemporary touch. A lot of designers and local stores have been launching their own signature styles inspired from the past.

You know my love for sarees and I do have a couple of organza ones, which to my coincidence were all gifted. I was initially scared of them like many of you, considering the nature of the material. It is flowy but stiff and it definitely took a me a while to understand how to drape them, and now that I know, I’ve fallen in love with them!

Sometime last year during our wedding, while shopping for sarees and browsing for inspiration on instagram & Pinterest, I came across these handprinted or printed simple sarees but unfortunately I couldn’t find the right one for me. And a year later, to my surprise by dearest husband and sister gifted me this gorgeous piece of art for our Wedding Anniversary, and my happiness knew no bounds 🙂 I just can’t express how lucky I feel for having these two people in my life, who selflessly do everything and anything for me, forever grateful I am.

Now that I ranted enough, let me quickly go into the details of the look. Like I spilled the beans before, I got this as a surprise gift for our First Wedding Anniversary! A year it is already! It’s a hand painted Organza Silk Saree which my sister pre-ordered and got it customized for me from, The Loom. She did her magic with the design of both the saree and the blouse. The blouse has some tiny pearl beads all over the neckline and some kundan & pearl hand embroidery over the hands. I don’t really like heavy embroidered blouses, so I prefer to keep mine simple & classy, which my sister clearly knows!

And coming to the jewelry, last year I got this silver necklace set with Kemp stones while we were shopping at Chennai, and it actually paired very well with my sari so I went with that. I have some pink & green bangles, so I’ve added them too. For hair, I’ve smoothened my hair after a really really long time and I have some hair accessories which my sister got customized at a local store in Vizag during my wedding. I’ve got all the 80’s vibe with my look so to keep that going I secured this floral band from the sides, did some simple makeup and wola I’m done 🙂 Now the result is for you to see and you might have guessed that this would go into my favorites list, and if you did you are absolutely right 😉 Scroll down for more pictures and details and I’ll be back soon with another post 🙂

Saree – The Loom

Necklace and Bangles – Street shopping, Chennai

Floral hair accessories – Locally made, Vizag


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