To Love and Black

To Love and Black

I was supposed to share this in October, but somehow I never got the time to get drafting the post. This is one of my personal favorite looks and even though it was late, I couldn’t resist sharing. Last year on October 9th was when we got engaged and this year, marking our engagement anniversary we celebrated this special day with a date night at home!

We wanted to celebrate each other’s company and spend time together in the old school way! And I guess someone overheard it and we actually had an internet outage on that day, making things a lot more favorable! My husband loves Pizza, and Indian cuisine and I’m a conscious eater, so we decided to make a gluten-free pizza from scratch with an Indian touch! We made a Samosa Chat Pizza, with some Pani Puri on the side 🙂

We set up a cozy little space in our living room, played our favorite 90’s Indian music, and enjoyed our dinner together by the fire. We prefer to have our private space, so not sharing the pictures here! Even though it was a date night a home, with the limited occasions to dress up, we did dress up to add some fun & drama!

Coming to my outfit details, you all might know how much I love black and in my opinion, nothing can bring the drama as a black saree does! I love plain sarees as they are versatile and you can style them in many ways. I’ve wanted a black plain saree for the longest and my sister helped me pick this satin-crepe fabric from Nalli Silks & made it into a saree 🙂 It’s one of the lightweight and easiest fabrics suitable for almost everyone! You can mix & match it with many blouses and pair it with accessories to make your look 🙂

I chose to add a more fun element by pairing it with a statement blouse in this sea-green shade (with the golden lights I know it looks more like a green but it isn’t). The blouse has flared sleeves and is made of Modal Satin fabric, which adds the right fall for the blouse! I finished off the look with matching green bangles and silver jhumkis with Emerald, simple makeup, red lipstick, and a big black half-moon bindi 🙂 I loved how my look turned out and reminded me of the 90’s filmy style. Let me know your thoughts on the look and will see you soon with a new post 🙂

Throughout this entire year, we got to stay with each other and spend time together almost 24 hours a day every day, and we have learned a lot of new things about each other and also about us when we are together 🙂 There were many days where we stay in sync, there were days where we disagree with each other, we appreciate or we get mad at the simplest things, we support each other during our rough days, we did many things together for the first time, and of all together we created this place we can call ‘Home’ where we can be ourselves in good & bad times and know for sure that we will not be judged!

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