Diwali 2020

Diwali 2020

Diwali of all the festivals is our favorite and it lights us up like nothing else! It fills us up with so much joy, and of course, mention not delicious food 🙂 This is my 6th year celebrating Diwali far away from home, and is also special as it’s our first Diwali as a family 🙂 Though we couldn’t celebrate with our families, we made sure to stay connected and not miss the fun.

Each of us wanted our first Diwali to be special, so I made a lot of my husband’s favorite food, making our tummies happy, and gifted him a few books about mindfulness. And he surprised me with this gorgeous necklace set that I’m wearing! Since it came right on weekend, we made sure to spend it the old school way, so we had video calls with our families and we made the recipes all over so in a way it felt like we were celebrating together 🙂 We almost spent the entire day cooking and eating together, an of course a festival is incomplete without a movie time right 🙂

Now that said let’s talk about my outfit. I was saving one of my very favorite Sarees that we bought last year during our wedding, for Diwali. If you are a follower of the blog, you definitely know that I’ve been moving towards a more conscious fashion and have to try to invest in ethical & handloom pieces which are the pride of India. This is another trademarked Handloom Bhagalpur pure Linen Saree with a silver Zari and checkered pattern all over the Saree. I’ve picked the one in this beautiful indigo blue color. It also comes in many other colors.

Linen weaving is practiced on Handloom in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar (hence the name) and these sarees are famous for their characteristic hand feel and handspun looks. On handloom, the process of weaving fabrics is done completely manually without the use of electric power. The process requires a harmony of motion and rhythm on the part of the weaver to create a unique product. These are the true pieces made out of love and that’s what makes them even more beautiful. I have picked this last year from Ajio, India. The Saree comes with a linen blouse, but since a linen blouse is hard to maintain over the years, we went with a modal satin fabric in the silver shade and got it embroidered with blue thread to compliment the Saree.

We have been going back to the silver jewelry days, and I see them all over. I was eyeing this necklace from this Instagram store based in Chennai, for a long time now. It is a precious piece and a little expensive, so I was hesitating to push the button and purchase. My husband happened to notice me thinking about this and he decided to make the purchase. It was out of stock, so he got it made to order and it took almost 2 -3 months for it to arrive. It was definitely worth the time, the craftsmanship and the details are amazing. It went very well with my outfit and is a piece that I see myself reaching out to, time and again.

I finished off with simple natural makeup and added a bright lip shade, let my hair flaunt by itself. Scroll down for more pictures and stay tuned for more posts. I do have a lot of content lined up, yet I’m not getting the time to draft these blogs. And if you like the content I create, don’t forget to share it with your friends and connect with me on my Instagram, I do post a lot of video content there! You can also read more content about our Indian Handlooms here. See you soon!

Saree – Ajio

Blouse – Designed by The Svana

Necklace – Prade Jewels @ Tamara, Chennai

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