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Welcome back, everyone! Hope you are all safe and healthy, adapting to the new normal 🙂 We certainly have fallen into a routine with the extra cleaning and sanitizing everything, which takes my cleaning disorder to another level! If there’s one thing in particular that I’d want to share is, these tough times have reminded us to slow down and live in the present. Our lives have become so busy that, we multitask to get things done faster, we all live together yet get very little time for leisure, that we don’t appreciate or involve in the little things that can make a huge difference.

We have personally started to slow down and do every task, small or big with all our mind & heart, and we really started seeing the difference! We have been enjoying everything we do, be it a small or a huge task, and the outcome has never been better! Especially with my blog and the pictures we shoot, since this is like a hobby for us we usually rush things up. We could only spare a few hours to shoot pictures on our weekends and I’d just squeeze in as many as we could, which would many times impact the quality of our pictures, and eventually, they would never make it to the blog coz I wasn’t happy. But now, we are taking things slowly and are working on our quality & creative aspects of our content, and I have been loving the outcome personally. This series is one of my favorites ❤️

Now coming to details of my look, There’s nothing as good as a head to toe black look. Maybe it’s the inherent coolness that this color oozes or the air of confidence that it brings in. Let it be the classic LBD, all-black denim or an all-black saree look there’s nothing as brilliant as it. It can be dynamic, it can be chic and it can be simple, no matter how you style your look, it’s a classic and is gonna pull everything together. Today sharing with you all my favorite versions of an all-black look!

There’s nothing that could beat a flowy skirt and a simple shirt, to begin with. You can always play around and take it up a notch with accessories. I have paired together my favorite pieces and to add a twist, I added a knot with my shirt in the front, that makes this achromatic outfit aligned & flawless. For accessories, I love to mix and match metals, so I have added dual-toned metal hoops and my mangalsutra. I kinda wanted to keep everything suttle with accessories. For hair, I went for a half updo, my usual makeup, and a red lip to do all the talking ❤️ I finished off my look with a pair of black pumps, to achieve that polished look. The outfit itself is powerful, so I tried to put things around it without overly dominating the color. This is a no brainer look and a last-minute savior, no matter what the occasion is just remember to ‘Turn to Black’.

Skirt – H&M(very old); Skirt – Zara(last season);

Pumps – H&M; Earrings – Zara (Similar)

Knotted shirt and pleated skirt
Prasanthi Kadiyala
Aim for Glam
Indian Fashion Blogger
Turn to Black
All Black show stopper look

None of the outfits and/or products used in the post are sponsored in any way. I do not use any affiliate links. I enjoy shopping in person & just sharing my favorite picks to help anyone with similar interests.

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