Timeless Pieces



not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion.

Hope everyone is healthy and safe out there! As things slowly start resuming back to normal, it’s now our responsibility to follow the precautions and stay extra safe. This year has brought in a lot of changes to our lifestyles and I think it in way showed us all that we can survive in most critical situations. As we resume back, I wanted to bring it out loud saying that we should give a thought about how we want to continue 🙂 It’s definitely the right time to give a thought about all the possible lifestyle changes we can adapt to, in terms of our health & safety habits, our consumption ratios and the quality of the products we consume. It’s also a time to give a thought about the local brands and communities we can support, because of which all of us can benefit and make this a better place to live! I’m planning a few blog posts to talk about all the sustainable practices I have been following and I chose the heart of my blog “Fashion” to start this series with. The starting step to sustainable fashion in the current fast-fashion world is investing in timeless pieces. In today’s blog post, I wanted to talk about a few tips on what it takes to build a wardrobe with timeless pieces, that I’ve learned over time and share about a few classic pieces from my wardrobe that are timeless!

I have always wanted to find out the formula for a timeless fashion piece. Timelessness is the term ubiquitous in fashion, representing the iconic silhouettes of historically popular designs. But what makes a piece timeless? Is it simplicity? Is it a hidden complexity, or it is luck? If there’s one definition of this, it’s about resisting the inevitable ebb and flow of taste and fashion. Classics can’t be invented, they evolve.

My personal style is simple and though I play with the color palettes, white always has my heart. I don’t go overboard with experimenting while mixing up my outfits and that’s where probably I lie in the safe place.

  • Investing in quality over quantity is a solid step in building a timeless wardrobe. Materials like linen, cotton, jute, silk, and hemp are the most organic fabrics that one can blindly invest that last you a lifetime and to an added bonus are biodegradable and doesn’t cause deforestation or environmental damage.
  • Maintaining your clothes is an equally important step. No matter how much you invest in purchasing your linen dress, if you don’t take good care of it, then there’s no point in investing! Also born as an Indian, our lifestyle teaches us the importance of the material of the outfits and to take good care of them, so the outfits look and stay good for a long time. The quality of the product along with the maintenance determines the lifetime of any outfit.
  • Sticking with colors that are wearable over seasons and years like pastels, neutrals, and colors that really work for your needs, patterns that are long-lasting like stripes, block prints, florals & polka dots, a good old plain shirt, good quality denim, and so on are some of the basics to building a wardrobe with timeless pieces.
  • Investing in accessories is another equally important element of your wardrobe. You can always dress up or down even a plain outfit with the right choices of accessories. So when you choose them, invest in the pieces that stay with you for longer and work with as many outfits as possible & ideal for your needs.

If you are a beginner, it might appear that sustainable fabrics and fashion brands are expensive. Yes, they are and they are expensive for a reason. Using eco-friendly and organically grown fabrics is only one part of the process. Sustainable fashion brands also have to support good working conditions and decent wages for the craftsmanship. It’s always better to have one quality outfit that stays with you for longer, than 10 cheap pieces that probably last one or washes and end up in landfill. Over the last year’ many fast fashion brands have been making their moves towards sustainable fashion.

If you have made it so far, then thank you! You have already started taking your baby steps towards sustainable fashion. Without further ado, let’s talk about my look! My outfit from head-to-toe is made using 100% cotton, and yet easy on the pocket. My top is from Zara Join life collection, from their current season. The huge ruffles on the sleeves are the attention seekers. My denim skirt is from the H&M Conscious collection from last year. If you follow me on my Instagram you would have seen me Style/ repeat this skirt in many a ways. It’s midi length, has enough stretching, is comfortable specially in the summer. I didn’t have to do anything extra to put this look together. A white top and a denim is an inseparable pair! I added some white accessories, my white wedges which are probably 5 years old now and there’s not a summer where I haven’t worn these! They are probably my favorite pair of wedges. During the lockdown, I’ve been trying to avoid all the heat styling for my hair, so left it natural and added a red lip to put everything together ❤️

We came out (of our community) to actually enjoy some fresh air after two long months. It was a bright, beautiful day so we took some pictures outside and really love them! I hope you find this post informative. See you soon with a new post again! Till then stay safe..

Top – Zara : Join Life (Similar – Top1 , Top2 , Top3); Skirt – H&M Conscious ; Wedges – Vintage; Watch – Kate Spade


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