Meet My Fur Baby

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing great! Today’s post is a little special and it’s about my little fur baby. As of today, it’s been 2 years since this paw baby has walked into our lives. He brought so much happiness and unconditional love into our lives for which I’m forever grateful for. I’ve always shared a few glimpses of him here & there on the blog and also on my instagram. Today, I’ve decided to do a dedicated blog post sharing the story of this little man.

We brought him home in 2018 and it was an instant connection. I always had an idea of bringing a pet home, one fine day randomly decided to go around to a pet store and look at the puppies or maybe spend some time there & come back home. I always wanted to bring in a pup with curly hair, but wasn’t exactly particular about a breed. I saw a few small breed puppies in a crate – a couple of Shih Tzu puppies & a miniature poodle. The miniature poodle was like the active one and he was following me all around. After spending some time there and playing with all the puppies, the miniature poodle kind of kept following me. He was so innocent and cute that it was like an instant love connection & I didn’t feel like leaving him alone. So I decided to bring him home 🙂 He was really tiny (like 9 weeks old) and precious, also probably a little scared when we brought home.

It took him a while to get used to the new surroundings and then it became his happy place. We named him Mickey 🙂 It took a while to figure out the situation and get used to having a fur baby around. I needed to figure out his vaccines, his food, likes and dislikes, how to train him, and a lot more. It used to feel stressful initially, coz everything was new to me, it felt like having a baby around and it did add a lot of additional work for me.

I took him to the puppy training classes as recommended by the vet and that was something that really changed my life. They eased my process of understanding my pet’s need & also explained to me the right way of training a pup. It was an 8-week course and it made my life a lot simpler by the end of it. He was also a lot mischievous while he was growing, and now I feel he’s gotten a lot more calmer. He still has his playful moments when he likes to run around the house crazily. He is very friendly, loves to play with everyone, loves chicken treats, the icing on the cakes, tearing tissues, mommy’s hair ties, worn socks, sleeping on freshly washed clothes, evening massages and kisses on his wet nose.

The process is not so easy and you will learn things while you do them, but in the end, nothing is comparable to the unconditional love these little one’s shower on you. They bring in a lifetime of happiness and positivity to your home. Over these years we had many special moments with this guy and looking forward to making more memories with him 🙂 If you are a pet lover and are thinking of getting a fur baby home, here’s a quick little sheet by my favorite cartoonist, Alicia Souza, for you go through and decide if you should adopt a puppy.

Hope you enjoyed my post and will see you all soon with a new one! Till then Stay Home & Stay Safe.

Lots of Love,



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