Five Things – March Edition

It’s officially, Week 4 of Social Distancing and I got out to get some fresh air & groceries like after 3 complete weeks, which was a great relief. Though work takes the biggest part of our weekdays, it has been Lil crazy to stay at home all the time. As the days pass by, even a few minutes of free time seems to be a lot and can take us down. I’m guessing there could be a lot of you who are on the same boat and looking at the situation outside seems like the stay at home period would extend. I think we have to work our ways to stay positive and also healthy, so we stay sane during the lockdown/stay at home period. I have a few ways where I’m keeping my mind busy and happy, which I thought of sharing in today’s blog post – favorite five things in the month of March 🙂


I started getting back to the proper reading schedule. Even though I only get around 15-30 minutes to read, I’m ensuring not to skip it. And if I do, I’m making sure to take some time out during the weekend. I started reading this book “Love for Imperfect Things” by Heamin Sumin. I think this book is possibly loaded with all the best and positive words in the world. The author with his unique writing style, talks about how important it is to love yourself, and shows how the path to happiness and peace of mind includes not only strong relationships with others, but also letting go of worries about ourselves.


I am an all-time smoothie lover. I regret saying this, but I never was a breakfast person and possibly stopped having breakfast ever since I moved out of my home in India. I have tried different kinds of breakfasts and unfortunately, I would get easily bored with them or would skip them because of no preparation time in the morning. Ever since I started trying smoothies, I must say I rarely skip breakfast! I have a few favorite smoothies however, I have been having the Triple Berry & Banana Smoothie a lot more in the last month. Berries are a great source of antioxidants and fiber, while also providing all the good ingredients for your body and skin. If you are someone who struggles to prepare breakfast in the morning, smoothies are for you. They take 2 minutes to whip up and a minute to finish, taste delicious and end up nourishing your body with all things good.

Blend in 1 cup of Triple Berry (Frozen Berries from Costco), 1 banana, Soy Milk (or any dairy/non-dairy milk of your choice) and 1 spoon of Almond Butter(you can also use Peanut Butter).. That’s it! Banana gives the smoothie the creamy finish & the required sweetness, while almond butter keeps you full for longer 🙂 Do give it a try & let me know!

Sketching/Color Therapy

Coloring books have been one of my favorite activities in the past. They are such a great stress reliever and the colors make me happy 🙂 The quarantine or social distancing time at home has reminded me of them and that has been my favorite part of the day for the entire month. Research says Coloring is a natural way to relieve stress & express creativity and I couldn’t agree more! Let me know in the comments below if you love coloring books too! 🖤

Practicing Gratitude

One of my good old hobbies indeed. I used to practice gratitude almost every day for the entire year. Through a career development session, I learned about Gratitude Journaling and how much it can help you stay content & look at the positive side of things. After coming back from India, I was just postponing this with one or the other reason. Now that there’s a little stress around, I needed to get back to this to look at the positive side of things!


Like everyone else, I’ve have been spending some good time trying different recipes. I’m a vegetarian and I cook almost every single day. Trying new recipes is something that I really love and cooking is also a stress reliever for me! Last month of all the recipes we tried, the Pav Bhaji Pasta was our favorite 🙂 I personally love Pasta, and Ravi doesn’t like Pasta so much, and eats it anyways. Must say he enjoyed the Pav Bhaji Pasta so much, like I’ve never seen him before loving Pasta. It has all the flavors of Pav Bhaji and the most delicious & spicy version of Pasta! Thanks a lot to Palak from The Chutney’s Life for the amazing recipe. Click here for the recipe and I must say you should definitely try this one 🙂

Hope you like the post. I’m planning to come with a series of such posts for every month, so I can share about all the things I love apart from Fashion and Makeup. See you all soon with a new post 🙂

Lots of Love,



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