A Touch of Desi

A Touch of Desi - Aim for Glam

My penchant for Indian wear knows no bounds and you’ll always find me gravitating towards it. Whether it’s pairing Indian accessories with western looks or adding a touch of desi with a simple bindi, it’s a redefined elegance that automatically enhances the outfit!

Going over my blog recently, I’ve realized that I never posted a look with my Salwar Suits before. These were the comfy outfits that accompanied me for most of my teenage days. Now that my denims took over, I don’t have a lot of them but I do try to add a few to my collection every now and then, so I can wear them while I’m in India.

Since I have my sister who has a great knowledge about the fabrics, I pay more attention to the quality of the fabrics so they last with me for a very long time. For a conscious shopper, India is the ultimate destination for all organically sourced fabrics and they are also available from affordable prices. Whenever I try to find some sustainable fashion brands across the world, I always notice that the prices are not so affordable. Being an Indian, I always embrace the fact that, we have a great history in curating and creating sustainable fabrics which are also made with a lot of love. It really makes me happy to share and read about them!

Coming to the details of my outfit, it is completely made from scratch by my sister at Le Svana. The unique color combination is what caught my heart. The satin Linen Kurta paired with the cotton pants and dupatta, with the color combination makes this look so comfy, breathable and easy to carry. The fact that the fabrics used in the clothing are all-natural and organic, surely makes it a winning combination.

I paired them with some simple bead earrings which compliment the dress very well. We did an impromptu shoot at home, hence all the casual vibes out here. I would pair them with some Juttis or simple sandals for a casual everyday look!

Salwar Suit – Le Svana | Earrings – Altar D’State | Lip color – YSL Liquid Matte Lip Stain

I also hope everyone is safe out there during the quarantine period. As much as I miss going to work every day, we are definitely grateful for being able to work from home. We are absolutely getting way more time to spend together and also to have fun together. The one other reason I probably like creating content, which I never shared before is that my husband and I work together while creating content and this is one of the fun times that we spend together on a weekend after the weekday hustles. I hope you are also making the best use of the time, the only other thing I would say is to be safe and follow the precautions as stated by WHO, don’t panic and stay strong! See you soon with a new post.

A Touch of Desi - Aim for Glam
Prasanthi Kadiyala
Aim For Glam
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A Touch of Desi - Aim for Glam
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A Touch of Desi - Aim for Glam; Ethnic Fashion
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