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Happy Ugadi everyone! I hope all of you are safe out there and are staying at home following the quarantine/lockdown. I know that none of us are in the mood for shopping, but I thought it could be a good diversion from all the Corona news and situation. Let’s all have faith and follow all the preventive measures, and be hopeful that things get back to normal 🙂

Staying away from India, you very rarely get to celebrate Indian festivals at home and dress up in Indian outfits. Now that I have the chance, I wanted to shut all the panic and start the day & the year with a more positive mindset. While shopping for my wedding, as we had to buy many Saris for various occasions, my sister and I made sure that we grab some quality pieces to add to our wardrobe.

Kanchi Cotton Sarees
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Whenever I talk about Indian outfits, all that people here think of is the heavily embroidered designer outfits. Maybe that’s also how a lot of teenagers of this generation look at our ethnic outfits. Well if you know me, I’m a bird of a different feather. I have an eternal love for Handlooms and simplicity. Today here I bring, brilliantly woven fabric, Kanchi Cotton – the glory of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are known across the globe and Kanchi cotton is not less in any way. The Kanchi cotton sarees are indeed the most fashionable wear in the state of Tamil Nadu.

These fabrics are basically handspun, have a certain grace and elegance in spite of its simplicity and are available at various handlooms in South India. Created in the city of temples, these sarees are purely influenced by the designs and stature of the temples in the city. Kanchi cotton is a brilliant handspun variety of cotton. Hence, you can wear it in any season without the fabric affecting you in any way. They are also perfect for everyday use. The richness of the fabric when newly purchased and well maintained makes it a perfect party or wedding wear too.

We got this gorgeous Maroon Kanchi cotton Sari which comes with a checkered pattern and a fish self embroidered weave from RMKV, Chennai. We had this Kalamkari fabric in beige with maroon and black flower block prints. While searching for a Saree to pair with it, my sister and mom found this gorgeous piece that came in the same exact color combination. I think both these fabrics complemented each other very well and are truly an epitome of elegance.

I want my outfit to do all the taking, so added these gorgeous pair of earrings, from a set that I got from Tarinika. I tried to add a necklace, but that looked way too heavy for this look, so I ditched it and stayed with my recent staple – my Mangalsutra or black bead chain. I think the black beads complimented well and blended the look together. Finished off with some Maroon bangles, my usual makeup, and some bold smokey eye (which my glasses are very accurately hiding) with a maroon lipstick. And of course, some special credit to my bindi and hair that are equally powerful in making the look.

Ravi and I both love how my look and our pictures turned out. I couldn’t choose between all these gorgeous clicks, so adding as many as I love. Don’t forget to scroll through till the end. I hope you love the post too. I haven’t really seen as many blogs where anyone talks about our Handlooms as much, so please do share this post with your friends if you like it. Let us all also spread the pride and the beauty of our artisans across the globe 🙂

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Before I say bye, let’s get back to reality. With the accessibility to the internet, it is easy for most of us to know the updates and it is equally a major source for causing panic. I’d say let’s look at the bright side of things, be positive and do our part in maintaining the safety of ourselves and also our families 🙂 The recovery rate in Wuhan, the actions being taken by the government, all the hard work of our doctors & nurses and many research teams across the world gives us more hope that we can fight this together 🙂

Ugadi, being the festival that marks the beginning of a new year and let’s all start this with a positive mindset. We all now have the most precious gift – time, and let’s make good use of it and do all the things we planned to do!! As we celebrate the festival, let’s start the new year with a reminder that life would be empty if not for the emotions that come together to form experiences and that we should accept them all with faith and equanimity. Let’s all fight this together and be more positive. Stay Home, Stay Safe and will see you soon with a new post 🙂


None of the outfits and/or products used in the post are sponsored in any way. I do not use any affiliate links. I enjoy shopping in person & just sharing my favorite picks to help anyone with similar interests.

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