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Chanderi Saree - Aim For Glam | Indian Fashion Blogger
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Diwali is one of the most-awaited, celebrated and significant festivals of India. It is also fondly known as the ‘festival of lights’; all homes and localities beautifully adorned with diyas and fairy lights. The festive spirit is highly contagious, with everyone feverishly shopping for new clothes and gifts, cleaning and beautifying the house, families getting together for the festival and tripling one’s calorie intake.

It’s my 5th Diwali away from home and I miss being a part of the rituals at home. I always feel nostalgic reminiscing all the memories of celebrating festivals at home. I have the most beautiful childhood memories of Diwali.
Schools would shut for almost 10 days. Endless hours of playing with friends and cousins, helping mom in making the special snacks, drawing rangolis outside the house along with my sister (with everyone in the neighborhood competing to create a design more attention-grabbing than the rest), friends and relatives visiting each other (and exchanging fancy gifts, of course), Laxmi poojas(which one had to sit through if one wanted to go outside and play after)the excitement of wearing a new dress bought specially for the occasion(which when you’re young is probably just 6-7 times a year), and lots and lots of lights and colors and sparkles everywhere!

I’ve grown up loving the festival, and because I’m always looking for an excuse to dress up in ethnic stuff, I love it even more. This Diwali in another sense stands a little more special for me.
I picked one of my mother’s many sarees for the occasion which I got with me, a beautiful beige Chanderi Saree with block prints and wore it with a turquoise green art silk blouse. As much I was planning to shoot this Diwali, we couldn’t shoot outdoors because of the snowstorm here in Colorado. However, we decided to click pictures indoor. I was terribly scared about the outcome because of the very low light inside my house. We have done one or two clicks before but never a complete round of pictures to post here, but my friend being the genius he is, got some gorgeous shots, and so here we finally are with our Diwali post which we are so excited about!

Not the least but my pup was equally excited for the shoot 😉 and has been photobombing once in a while! I hope you love the post and also that you had a great Diwali.

Wishing all of you a very Happy Diwali! 🙂

Lots of Love,



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