An Essence and A few Skin Care Tips I Swear By

Over the couple of years, I have been obsessed with looking after my skin and have been actively researching for ways to look after my skin both internal and external. There are some that I absolutely swear by, so I wanted to share them with you all 🙂 Like I’ve always mentioned, it’s not just about the products, a good skin needs more than that but I would like to talk about a few that have been a game changer for me! So lets start!


Water is always your best friend, not just for good skin but for your overall health. Drinking more water or at least 8 -9 glasses of water helps in removing toxins from your body, and helps with clear skin, weight loss, boosting your digestion and what not! We all know about the benefits of drinking lots of water but yet we either get lazy or forget drinking water! I was also one of those who would totally forget about drinking enough water and I did face a lot of health & skin issues because of dehydration. I kind of learned the importance of water in a hard way and now I make sure to drink loads of water & also remind others to do so!

If you are also someone who forgets drinking water, I also have a few tips for you! Carry a water bottle & a glass with you so you can have water around your eye-sight so you always remember. Have an alarm or a water reminder app installed, which reminds you to drink more water, but don’t just snooze or shut it off 😉 If you get quickly bored with plain water, try to add some lemon or mint or fruit flavors, so you can stay hydrated!

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Having a balanced diet and a proper sleeping routine always does the right job for your skin. The word beauty sleep is not simply used. Having a stress free and a good 7-8 hour sleep shoes the magic on your skin and also makes your day bright. Equally important is eating right. Ensure you consume healthy fats, protein, enough carbs and also all the seasonal fruits & vegetables. The seasonal fruits & veggies are seasonal for a reason. So try and avoid any seasonal stuff food on the non-season, because they are a clear indication that those are not produced naturally. Try to avoid junk & processed food or juices, and instead opt for fresh fruit, fresh fruit juices & smoothies or healthy snacks like nuts, dates and many more!

I personally believe and have experienced that, if are healthy internally and take good care of your self it reflects outside 🙂


No matter if you wear makeup or not, don’t forget to cleanse your skin every night after to come back home! While we are out during the mornings, we always accumulate a lot of dust and oil on our skin, which needs to be cleansed to avoid any skin concerns. And if you are someone who wears makeup light or heavy every day, then you should double cleanse 🙂

You need to take out all the makeup with an oil-based cleanser first and then cleanse on top of it with your normal cleanser. This ensures the removal of any leftover makeup and dirt! This is probably something a lot of you might be following for ages, but I just wanted to add that it made a lot of difference to me personally! I have a few favorite cleansers that I use, this one from Clinique and also this one from the Face shop. However, I feel the balm cleanser from Clinique is more convenient for me to use. And as the next step, I use my normal cleanser, this one from Tatcha and this one from Murad are my two favorites 🙂


This is again something we all know, but we always tend to ignore/forget. The damage caused by the sun rays and the UV rays is very serious and unfortunately, we cannot even notice it quickly. It can cause fine lines, wrinkles and what not! If there’s one product that you must not skip, then it’s the Sunscreen!


With influencer marketing all over, there are many options and hence more confusion. The one thing about skincare is that what works for someone else might not work you! So instead of blindly picking a product, read and do your own research about the product to learn if it works for your skin type & your skin needs. Don’t just use so many products just because someone else is using it, learn what works for you and just use them even if it is just a few products.

Also, the one common thing mistake we all do is to expect instant results, which unfortunately no product can give us. If you are using a new product, it takes some time for your skin to get used to it and start reacting to it. So have some patience, give a minimum of 4-5 weeks to see some results, before getting disappointed. And if you are adding new products to your routine, don’t just add them all at once. I personally add new products on alternate days, so I know if the product is actually making a difference or if my skin doesn’t like it.

And cause I’m talking about having a routine and using the right skin care products, I wanted to share with you all my recent favorite product obsession. I have never actually used or followed any Korean skincare products before, but ever since I started doing my research about skincare, I have been reading a lot of blogs that talk about Korean beauty! I personally don’t want to completely switch to the K-Beauty regimen, but I just wanted to add or substitute any product to my current routine and I found this essence!

The essence is the first product that goes on to the skin after cleansing, and it does the job of the toner and also comes with more benefits. It helps in balancing the pH of our skin and also essence has an active ingredient which when directly applied to the face gives a lot of additional benefits. The one I am going to talk about is something ideal for a starter of K-beauty products. It’s the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive. It has the consistency of a toner, and I was looking to replace something from my routine, I have added this in place of my toner!

It has 80% fermented yeast extracts, which creates a perfect base for conditioning your skin! It helps to balance your skin, refines skin texture, and minimizes the appearance of redness for a clean & bright complexion. It’s a deeply hydrating fluid enriched with hyaluronic acid & niacinamide to moisturize and replenish skin texture. On the whole, if you are looking for a product that hydrates your skin and also reduces the dullness & contributes to the glow from the within then this one is the right choice. It is also known as the dupe to the super expensive SK-II Essence and trust me it works wonders. It is my second bottle and I have used my last one until its last drop!

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence
Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

In the past, I have talked about skincare on my blog, and how my skin has gotten better but never shared any pictures of my bare face. I just wanted to share it will you all today so you can see how all these tips and my current skincare regimen has been contributing to clean and better skin!

Skin Care Tips
K-beauty Essence
Aim for Glam

I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you have any tips or products that you swear by! I would love to hear 🙂 See you again with a new post!

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