Whites all Summer Long

Whites all Summer Long - Aim For Glam | Indian Fashion Blogger in USA

Hello everyone! Hope you have a great week 🙂 Finally it’s Friday and it makes me really happy! It was a super busy week for me at work, where I was attending some training sessions and the routine times have changed quite a bit making it a bit hectic. I think I’m gonna have a real happy and relaxing Friday, once the week is done 🙂

How’s the summer treating you guys? At least here in Fort Collins, I see some abnormal climatic changes. It’s raining one day and it suddenly gets hot the other day. And even the sun seems to be pretty harsh, which causes headaches instantly. And I feel like even the air is super hot and feels like heat waves. I also saw the news about the heat wave in Europe, which I think is something very serious indication that our habits are indeed in a way or other are contributing to global warming.

So where ever you live, be safe and stay hydrated. Do your part, try to get more plants if you live in apartments, and plant more trees if you can, so we can help save ourselves from the global warning, which is indeed proving to be real 🙂 Also considering the heat and the birds around us, if you can leave a bowl of water outside so we can also help them and save their lives 🙂

White is my most favorite color, which is no secret and the first thing I thought after I got this skirt, was to pair it with a white top 🙂 This is again a cotton top, I got from Ann Tailor outlet store a few months back, which has this knot detail in the front. You could totally wear it without tucking it in, but I wanted to add some definition around my waist, so I tucked in my top and left the knot detail to pop!

Aim for Glam - Indian Fashion Blogger
Grey Pleated Skirt - H&M | South Indian Fashion Blogger

Espadrille wedges are my go to for the summer, and this is my favorite pair which you have seen in a lot of pictures recently. They are really old and so comfortable to walk around in. And finally, I added some earrings, layered some bracelets and my usual makeup to finish off the look. Let me know your thoughts about the look in the comments and will see you all again with a new post super soon 🙂 Also this is my Look 7 of the summer series – Summer Style Saga. The one thing I love about drafting posts is coming up with a unique and creative title for the post, which I have been missing recently, so I’m adding a section under fashion, where you can find all my summer looks 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

Prasanthi Kadiyala - Aim For Glam | Denver Fashion Blogger
Ann Taylor white shirt - Aim For Glam | Indian Fashion Blogger
Summer fashion - Aim For Glam | Indian Fashion Blogger

Top – Ann Taylor ; Skirt – H&M; Espadrilles – PayLess Shoes


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