Small Changes for a Healthy-Skin

Hello Everyone,

I know I have been missing for almost months now.I was taking some time-off to plan my career and organize things. A week back when I was planning to be back on the Blog. I realized that I have changed a lot in the couple of months

My lifestyle has changed in every aspect i.e. Makeup,Food,Clothes etc.The two main things that I am happy would be my Food and Makeup choices that I have changed in the past months.I have almost reduced my makeup usage to 95% I hardly wear any foundation or concealer.The main reason for this is my food habits that is making my skin feel better naturally.

I was breaking out badly initially when I have started making all these food habit changes.Now, I think my body is getting used to the changes.I still have acne breakouts but they have reduced when compared to earlier.

I have reduced the In-Take of Sugar.Which is the major culprit in weight gain and acne.I know its really hard to skip sugar but I have made a strict decision and replaced sugar with Honey and Maple Syrup.I do binge on chocolates and ice-creams but i have limited myself to weekends and that too only a few spoons until my craving is gone instead of having the whole chocolate or ice-cream.

Started using Oils for moisturizing my Skin.One of my favorite is the Rose-hip oil which is helping me in fading the acne scars.I apply 2 drops of it all over my face at night.I found that oils can change the skin texture drastically but it needs a lot of patience in finding out the right oils for each skin type.

Induced a lot of fruits into my diet like beetroots,carrots,berries etc which is helping my skin to glow from the inside.For me beauty comes from the inside rather than layering too many chemicals on the skin. Start using products that are vegan and organic which can also make a major impact from not breaking out.

Finally, make it a point to workout at-least 4 days a week which will make your body fit and also boost’s the blood circulation which will make you observe the change in the skin.

It takes a lot of effort and commitment to achieve things that we want.Start making small changes to your daily routine slowly adding on, one after the other.Any results can take time never get depressed/distressed after initial trails keep working on your goals continuously one day the results would bloom.

I will keep you all updated in my later posts on the recipes and food habits that I am following.


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