A Trip to San Diego

I’ve always wanted to write posts about my trips, but either the trip gets hectic and I get tired or we get too lazy to take some good pictures. After Mickey (my pet) came home, I tried not to travel so much especially to the places where I need to fly. But now because he is a little grown-up, I started flying again and this is my second trip with him (the first one was a little clumsy) yet again it taught me so much that I planned this one in the most comfortable way, both for me and for him. I have all my best friends living in the US and we created this tradition to meet together at least once a year & spend some nice quality time. This time it was a trip to San Diego 🙂 We went on a road trip from San Jose to Oceanside which is like an hour away from San Diego and reached there around midnight. We were about 9 people and we made our house reservations through Airbnb. It is a pleasant and ideal vacation kind of a home.

We spent about 2 days in San Diego and I wanted to quickly share with you all more details about what we did and what I wore for the trip 🙂

Day 1:

We went to the La Jolla Coves to start the day with. It was a nice scenic beach with seagulls and sea lions on the shore. We were lucky enough that it was not very warm that day and we were able to spend a couple of hours on the shore. We had our lunch at Spice & Rice Kitchen, a Thai Restaurant and the food was amazing (specially vegetarian) so was the ambiance. They had pretty streets nearby and it was very pleasant for a good walk all around 🙂 From there we quickly went to Point Loma and the Sunset Cliff , again very scenic places with some pretty streets and super pretty houses with the beach view! We spent some good time there, and drove back home to play some board games for the night 🙂

Coming to the details of my outfit, I wanted to be both comfortable, breathable and at the same feel a little cozy, if by any chance it gets colder in the evening. So I went with this beautiful block printed cotton top from The Loom and paired it with the softest & the most comfortable pair of Denims that I own, to get everything I needed. I added these pair of Jhumkas from The Loom again to finish off my look 🙂 Also I borrowed these super cute Mules from my Best Friend, of course they were cute and went very well with my entire look 😉

Top – The Loom; Jeans – H&M; Mules – DSW; Jhumkas – The Loom

Day 2 :

We started our day a little late and went right away for our brunch to Paradise Biryani. After lunch, we started over to the Sea Port Village. We rented the Bird electric scooters and went around the entire village. It was so much fun 🙂 We took multiple rides and raced around the village for more than hour! Like about 03:00 in the afternoon, we headed over to the Coronado Island, our last stop point for the trip.

The driveway to the Island was so gorgeous and so was the Island. The streets were pretty with Palm trees all over and so were the houses on the beach side with the view. With summer around, most of them were decorated with flowers and it was fun watching them through the drive. We had some fun in the beach with our entire troop, taking pictures, playing in the sand and the water 🙂 It was also one of the silent and cleanest beaches we have been to.

Coming over to the details of my outfit,

We started driving back to San Jose around 06:00 pm in the evening, with a Starbucks stop of course. Any drive gets more fun, with a coffee right! It was a very long drive and took us almost about 8 hours to get back to my friends place. We were all tired, specially Mickey. He gets way to excited when he goes out and meets new people, and also gets tired with the same speed. We took some decent amount of rest before we flew back to Denver. It was a great trip indeed, and also a properly planned & implemented one 🙂

This is my first travel related blog, so I’m not sure if I did it right. Let me know if you like the post and also I share a lot of my looks on my Instagram, so you can follow me there if you are not already following. See you soon with a new post 🙂

Lots of Love,



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