Few Changes I have made for the Better this year

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“Simplicity, clarity, singleness: These are the attributes that give our lives power and vividness and joy as they are also the marks of great art.” —Richard Holloway

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing great! All these days my blog was more about fashion and some personal care. But I think with age and my maturity levels, there is so much more to the term “Personal Care”. At least to me right now, it is more about investing time for myself, and making some lifestyle changes that bring out a happier and healthier me – both physically and mentally!

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When I first came out and started living by myself, I’ve always thought about what to buy or the things I could do with the money I earn, that unconsciously I started finding happiness in that. And specially when you live far away from your family and with the kind of internet access we have, it took me a while to understand how negatively I have been designing my lifestyle. I spend most of my day at work in front of laptop and when I come back home I spend the other time on social media being a content creator.

When I realized that, my lifestyle is impacting my health I started making changes one at a time, but I was still finding joy in materialistic things. With social media and the rage in the blogging career, there are so many stores and so many variations in the collections that might make us want more and more and more of everything. And that creates an emotional attachment to things and sometimes it might make you keep loosing track of how much you are spending.

I went to India last December, like after 3 years and that made me realize so much about how simple our lifestyle used to be! We find happy people everywhere, and they are happy irrespective of how much they earn and what they have! Our Indian way of living teaches us how to be content and how to find the happiness in little joys, which we can never comparable to whatever we buy. This trip had so much impact on my thoughts and made me realize, how I have been changing my lifestyle and in a way making it complicated. So while I was coming back, early this year I have decided to make some changes in my lifestyle for a better and healthier me!

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A wholesome life to me is creating a lifestyle that is healthy for both my body and mind. By nature, I have always been a soft spoken person and I would rarely get angry or irritated by another person. And I used to have more control over my emotions, but as we all have many ups and downs, at various phases, I have realized that I was unconsciously changing into a person who is not me.

I was paying less attention to my health, was stressing myself too much, becoming more and more intolerant and starting getting irritated about every small thing that did not go as expected. When I realized that it is my lifestyle that I am designing, is the reason for all my actions I have been very conscious about changing that.

It all started with giving myself some me time, recognizing my own efforts and self appreciating them 🙂 I started reducing my time on social media, and rather went back to reading books or watching to some positive and inspiring videos. I started paying more attention to what I eat, the quantity I eat and went back to experimenting & trying different kinds of food again (which by the way I cook myself). I try my best not to skip my workout sessions, pay more importance to my health – both mental and physical over anything else.

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2 : Giving importance to Minimalism

Knowingly or unknowingly with the huge internet and social media access, and the huge marketing strategies, we tend to make more impulsive purchases and our want for more & more things never ends. Minimalism is more about being intentional with what you want and how you want to be.

It is marked by clarity, purpose, and intentionality. At its core, minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It is a life that forces intentionality. And as a result, it forces improvements in almost all aspects of your life.

It is as simple as asking your self the value of having it in your life, when you are going to purchase it and also about being able to giveaway anything that you might not even use. I was always good about the 2nd one, but not at the first. I was someone who would instantly purchase an outfit if it fits my budget. With all the fast fashion online retailers, I never knew how much money I have spent buying those outfits which would never last me longer. But now I have started thinking before every purchase I make. And yes, I still say I’m taking my baby steps, so there are still some days where I get impulsive once or twice. I believe in myself that these baby steps would lead to a better change. I can talk more about minimalism in my future posts.

Steps towards a Wholesome life

3: Giving importance to little things in life

We all know that its the little things in life that give us more happiness and more satisfaction. And with the changing lifestyles, sometimes we don’t even realize them and start worrying about what didn’t go right. I am no exception to this. Again my trip to India, made me realize the value of my lifestyle and how much people on an average struggle to get a decent lifestyle back there.

However, still there are some low days or stressful days where I don’t realize the value of the good things that happened, so I made a point to start a gratitude journal. Every night, before I go to sleep, I take some 5-10 minutes to log all that happened in my day and note down all the little things that I am grateful for spending another day 🙂 That instantly brings a smile on my face and a hope for another day yet to start!

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4 : Planning for the future

Like all the youngsters who just started their life, I gave less importance to planning for future. And now I started realizing the importance of saving money and having a plan for future. I started making use of all the benefits, I get from my work and also doing my own research about some good savings options.

I’m not only trying to spend less, I have been planning my spendings, looking for deals whenever I need to buy anything and also started investing in things that might last me a little longer for my future.

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Dress – Keepsake The Label ; Heels – Jessica Simpson (Similar); Handbag – Micheal Kors

Before I say bye, I wanted to talk a little about my outfit. I am intentionally investing in my wardrobe recently and this is one of my favorite recent additions. This beautiful dress is from Keepsake The Label, an Australian designer brand from their Belong collection. It is vintage inspired silhouette, with eyelet pattern, puffed sleeves and gold-toned buttons. The dress has a very deep neck, so I added a black strap satin top underneath. I paired the outfit, with the heels from Jessica Simpson and added these oxidized silver earrings to finish off the look. Let me know your thoughts about Today’s post and my look. See you super soon with a new post.

Lots of Love,

Prasanthi Kadiyala


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