How to Style a Crop Top this Spring

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The title of the post kind of makes me Happy that we are actually transitioning to Spring. I think you can totally figure out what am I gonna talk in this post from the title. But there’s a little twist to it. I know a lot of us might not be equally comfortable wearing crop tops by themselves and I am indeed one of them. But I always loved how they look and the kind of cute vibes they add, so I decided to style them but in my way! So presenting you three different ways to style crop tops without revealing your skin!

Look 1 : Pair a Wrap crop top with a Jumpsuit

I have a tube kind of Jumpsuit, that I got a couple of seasons ago in the idea of trying something new, but then I realized it was not something of my style. It was kind of lying there in my wardrobe unused and I always wanted to pair with something, which would make it more wearable and more beautiful.

And the idea of styling it with a crop top came from there. I saw this cute wrap style crop top with stripes and some ruffle detailing and thought it was a perfect match for this jumpsuit. Instead of wearing it as a wrap top, I tied a knot in the centre, wrapped the ends all over my waist and tied a bow at the back, so it holds everything together and looks well finished 😉

I finished the look with some silver earrings and a pair of white wedges, which kind of look like espadrille wedges! I did some glam Spring makeup and added a high ponytail & a hair clip.

How to Style Crop Tops this Spring
Three different Ways to style a Crop Top
Forever21; Crop Tops

Jumpsuit – Forever21 ; Crop Top – Forever21 ;

Look 2 : Crop top with Midi Skirt

Midi and pleated skirts are your best bet to pair crop tops with. With the Ruffle details, and the cute the pattern this tangy red crop top looked super cute and I decided to pair it with my black pleated skirt.

And I did a little trick here to make sure my top doesn’t move around when I do. I wore my skirt right on my upper waist and I secured it again with a slim belt, so it would stay in place and not fall down. Luckily the crop top came with a tie option around the waist, so I did tie the knot such that it sits right on my skirt and gives the illusion of a dress 🙂

I added some handmade brass earrings and black pumps to finish off my look. I did my glam makeup and added a bright red lip to match the outfit and left my hair open. The top stands out and makes everything pop up bright.

SheIn; Forever21
Aim For Glam; Prasanthi Kadiyala
Mesh Skirt with Crop Top

Crop Top – Forever21 ; Skirt – Shein; Pumps – H&M

Look 3 : Crop Top with a Denim Jacket

Pairing a crop top with a Denim Jacket, I think is the simplest and the most practical way to create a casual outfit. I had this fitted floral crop top that I got again a couple of seasons ago, thinking of pairing it with an ethnic outfit which didn’t workout well. So I paired it with a high waisted Black denim.

It was looking super cute by itself, but again I am not the person who could carry it easily. So I added my White Denim jacket on the top and it turned out perfect and wearable.

I can leave the buttons open and wear it if I feel comfortable and if I feel super cautious, I can just button up halfway. Either way it looks comfy, casual and cute. I finished off by adding a pink belt, to match the top and a pair of espadrille sandals. I added a bright Fuchsia Pink lip and left my hair open.

Crop Top with Denim Jacket
Faballey Crop Top
Prasanthi Kadiyala

Crop Top – Indya ; High Waisted Denim – Bershka ; Denim Jacket – Costco

I don’t think I can choose one favorite from the three looks, because I like all of them and also how it turned out in the pictures. Let me know what’s your favorite of the three looks. Also if you have any suggestions or outfits that you would want me to try and pair them up for you in a more practical way, leave them in the comments section. If you like my styling post and want to connect with me personally, you can follow me on my Instagram. Will see you soon with a new post and until then have a nice time!

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