In the Cozy Layers for the Winter

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How was your weekend? It was a crazy cold weekend for us, with snow surrounding everywhere and freezing temperatures outside. So was just spending all the time at home doing my routine chores and some content planning. And while I draft this post, I’m sipping my hot cup of coffee and rewinding the Game of the Thrones episodes as we have the last season coming this April. Just wanted to recollect all the character names and the bits & pieces of the plot that I might have forgotten. If you haven’t watched it yet and if you do like some drama with suspense and unexpected series of events, trust me you would love it! Now getting into the blogpost –

Coming from a tropical country, I’m still getting used to the cold winters here and learn the art of layering. And this is like one of those outfits that I really love in recent times. I have a special love for cute and cozy sweaters, and I try to find different ways to mix and match them. One of the easiest is to pair it with a leather skirt 🙂 It’s both comfy and chic at the same time. But I could not definitely go out without another layer, so I added my woolen jacket that could keep me warm on a sunny/warm winter day. I went on with all black accessories and finished off with my new pair of heeled black boots. I really love the details and they kind of complete my look.

I always gets some questions about the photography and the posing tips, so I thought I could talk about how we planned this shoot. I was expecting a normal day out when I getting ready, and once we stepped out, we realized how windy it was outside. It was so fast that it was pushing me 😉 I live in a pretty apartment complex, so we kind of decided to shoot pictures within the buildings where the wind was tolerable. The walls of the building and the warm lighting, really turned out to the best backdrop I could have for this outfit. Before we froze from the wind, we decided to get some pictures & then started taking closeup’s at home.

And on editing my pictures, I like to edit them so all the tones are aligned. I use Lightroom to edit all my pictures. I have a goldeny skin tone and the warm lights add more glow and life to the pictures. I try to highlight myself more than the background and I play around with the settings in the Lightroom until I get what I achieve 🙂 That’s it. I hope you all love this post, let me know your thoughts about this look. See you soon with a new post. Don’t forget to scroll down for more pictures.

In the Cozy Layers for the Winter ; Aim for Glam ; Prasanthi Kadiyala

Leather Skirt – Asos ; Boots – DSW ; Watch – Apple ; Jacket – Zara (Similar)

Prasanthi Kadiyala - South Indian Fashion Blogger - AImforGlam

Zara_New Look_DSW_Prasanthi KadiyalaAimforGlam_Prasanthi KadiyalaAim for Glam - Prasanthi KadiyalaAim For Glam - Prasanthi KadiyalaAim for Glam - Prasanthi KadiyalaAim For Glam - Prasanthi Kadiyala

Aim For Glam - Prasanthi Kadiyala

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