Skin Care Techniques I’ve Learnt at Sephora Beauty Class

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It’s an Indian festival today – the festival of colors, so I wish you all a very Happy Holi in the first place 🙂 I just realized that I haven’t uploaded any skin care related posts since a long time now. I was posting more about fashion and I thought I should do a post on skin care. Before we jump into the post, I’m gonna warn you that this is going to be a super long one and very informative one 😉

Sephora is one of the best places to shop all our Beauty and Skin care needs, and I have been their loyal customer and a Beauty Insider since two years now. They have some amazing offers for the Sephora Beauty Insiders, you get points for every purchase which you can exchange for some amazing products available and the best part is you can attend the Beauty classes organized by the experts working at Sephora for free.

I happened to attend a Skin Care class long back and learned some helpful techniques which I have been following since a long time now. Before we talk more about skincare and the products, we should understand our skin type, major skin concerns, hydration level and its sensitivity. And the most important thing to remember before we expect results from the products we use is sticking to a routine and following it every single day. Our skin takes some time to get used to the products we are using, so sticking to a routine will give us the best results we expect.

Skin Care Techniques I've Learnt at Sephora Beauty Class_AimforGlam

I’m planning to share the steps you must follow in a skin care routine, along with the products I use. I would like to describe my skin type first and then jump into the steps. I have a combination oily skin (my T-zone being oily and rest of the face normal) which is really sensitive. Coming to my skin concerns I have acne problems and also marks from acne. I’m a little lazy with consuming good amount of water everyday, so I have low hydration levels which is very bad (actually made my skin very dull) and I’m working on improving that 🙁 So drink lots and lots of water, it is extremely good for your skin.

1. Cleansing: Cleanse your face at least twice a day
Use the right cleanser which addresses your skin concerns and cleanse your face at least twice a day. If you are someone who uses makeup, make sure you sleep with a clean face every night. Cleansing helps you remove all the dust and oil that accumulates on your skin. I have been using the Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Foaming Cleanser for an year now and it is an amazing one if acne is your main concern.

Kate Somerville EradiKate Daily Foaming Cleanser _ Aim for Glam

2. Toning: Toning helps in balancing the pH level of your skin
The normal pH level of our skin is about 5.5, but cleansing increases the pH level of our skin. So it is advisable to use a toner every time you cleanse your face as it balances the pH level of your skin. There are a lot of toners out in the market, but some of then have alcohol as an ingredient and they can be a little harsh on your face if you have a sensitive skin like me. I personally use the Aloe Calming Toner from The Body Shop which is meant for sensitive skin and has no alcohol in it. You can also use Rose water as a Toner or even diluted apple cider vinegar.

Aloe Calming Toner from The Body Shop _ AimforGlam

3. Mask: Use a right face mask not more than 2 times a week
You should not use a mask every single day as it might take off the natural oils your skin produces. It is good to use a mask twice a week. The most effective way of using a mask is applying it to your face after a quick steaming. Steaming helps in opening your pores and if you apply a mask on your opens pores it’s like you are closing them with good ingredients. Don’t forget your neck 🙂

You can use a face steamer or even dip a face towel on hot water and leave it on your face for 5-10 mins. Coming to the face masks, I have been using two of them which work wonders on my face.

Clay Mask and Hydrating Mask:
If you follow my posts you would know that the Bodyshop’s Himalayan Charcoal Mask is my favorite clay mask ever. But I have recently tried a new one from Origins – Clear Improvement and it is also a great mask, which leaves your skin bright and clean. But I like the body shop one more as it has the tea tree leaves in it which does the job of both a mask and an exfoliator.
Sometimes the clay mask can make your skin more dry, so it is always good to follow with a hydrating mask. One of my favorite hydrating masks is the Bodyshop’s British Rose Flush Pumping mask.

Origins Clear Improvement_The Body Shop British Rose Mask_AimforGlam

Mild Mask:
Sometimes I don’t have time for using multiple masks, so in those days I would use this amazing Purifying Mask from Caudalie, which works amazing for my pores 🙂

Purifying Mask from Caudalie_AimforGlam

4. Moisturize: Always apply a moisturizer in tapping motion, so that our skin absorbs it
Always use the right moisturizer that addresses your skin concerns and that is meant for your skin type. I have been using the Murad Nutient-Charged Water Gel, that is packed with nutrients to hydrate my skin and address my acne problems at the same time, a water-based moisturizer which can be used as both a day and night moisturizer. Another amazing moisturizer for my winter skin is the one from Origins Ginzing range.  Don’t forget to use some on your neck 🙂
A quick tip that I’ve learnt was that we should always apply a moisturizer in tapping motion and press it to our skin so it absorbs. The rubbing motion can lead to saggy skin and wrinkles, if we don’t do it the right way :/

Murad Nutient-Charged Water Gel_AimforGlam

5. Eye Cream: Use an eye cream to avoid early wrinkles under your eyes.
A lot of us might think we don’t even need a eye cream until we have some under eye concerns, I was one of them. But you know, our under eye area is the first place where we start seeing the signs of aging. So it is extremely important to add an eye cream to your skin care routine if you don’t want wrinkles under your eyes early 🙂 And my favorite under eye cream is from the Origins Ginzing range. It has the texture of a tinted moisturizer and it instantly brightens you under eye area and helps your eyes look de-puffed and fresh 🙂

Origins Ginzing Eyecream_AimforGlam

6. Sunscreen:Do not leave home without applying a sunscreen
A sunscreen is extremely important in protecting your skin from sun damage and all the problems caused by it. Skipping sunscreen can cause hyper pigmentation, skin discoloration and many more problems. Often sunscreens tend to be heavy and make your face look oily, so it takes a little bit of trial and error method to find the right one that blends with your skin. I finally found the right sunscreen for my skin and it the Supergoof  Everyday Sunscreen with an SPF 50.

Supergoof Everyday Sunscreen

7. Targeted Treatments: The most effective way to treat your skin concerns
It is always advisable to use targeted treatments if you want to see some good results for your concerns. In my case, I use targeted treatments for my acne and I use that every night. One of the best acne treatments I have used is the Kate Somerville EradiKate acne treatment. I wake up with my acne size diminished and it vanishes completely in two to three days. It also works in diminishing the acne marks for me. You can also use diluted Tea Tree oil as a targeted treatment for your acne.

Kate Somerville EradiKate acne treatment

I have been following these steps every single day and that has definitely helped me in improving the texture and health of my skin. I hope these tips help you like they did to me 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more of such posts


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