Natural Hair Rinses to Ditch Conditioners.

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I know we all use conditioners to get that silky and fizz free hair.Most of the conditioners contain a lot of chemicals that dry out the hair making it lifeless.
I always wanted to try something Natural from a very long time.So here are few simple hair rinses that helped me ditch conditioners making my hair silky and nourishing.

Apple cider Vinegar:
This is the most trending one in recent times.This can help people with oily scalp or dandruff prone hair.

1.Mix Apple cider Vinegar : Water in 1:4 ratio.
2.After Shampoo and Rinsing.
3.Simple pour this mixture on the scalp.

You can leave it like that and Air dry or if the smell is making you uncomfortable wash of the scalp again with normal water after 5mins.

Note: ACV stinks but after drying the smell vanishes.


Rosemary Rinse:
Rosemary has Natural Herbal properties to stimulate hair growth.It also makes the hair very shiny and soft.

Boil a stem of rosemary for 15mins and let it cool down.
After shampoo and rinsing pour this rinse on the scalp and let it air dry.
It really makes the hair damn silky.I have wavy hair and it worked wonders on my hair.


Black Tea Rinse:
It is scientifically proven that Black tea helps in reducing hairfall. The caffine present in it helps reducing the hairfall and nourishing the hair and also keeping the hair harmones in good condition.
We must have noticed that many people use black tea in henna.Those people really see very less hairfall which is due to Black Tea.

1. Boil 3-4 tea bags for 15mins and let it cool down.
2.After Shampoo and Rinsing pour the rinse on the scalp
3. Let it air dry.


Beer Rinse:
Yes you are reading it right.If you have curly/Wavy hair this really helps in reducing the fizz and adding some extra shine and softness to the hair.Beer has Sugars(Sucrose and Maltose) which helps the in straightening and nourishing the hair follicles.

1.After Shampoo and rinsing.
2.Dilute the Beer with water and pour it on the scalp.
3.Leave it for 15mins and rinse off.

These are few Hair rinses that i often use to replace conditioners.I love trying organic and sulphate free products on my hair 99% of time.
If you are just like me hope this post helps a lot of people.Do let me know in the comments if you want to see similar posts.

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