Halfsaree in a different way (Saree + Long Skirt)

Hello People…

I love wearing Indian wear a lot but due to winters couldn’t blog much about Indian outfits.

As the temperatures have become better this week I took that as an excuse to Style Indian wear.

I left all my Half-Saree’s in India and was very desperate in wearing one today. Luckily,I have a long skirt that was matching My Saree and Blouse.So,I created this Half-Saree look using a Long Skirt and a Regular Saree.

If You are a beginner and do not know how to Drape a Saree but still want to look different then you must definitely try this.It hardly takes 5mins to style.


After you done with Basic things like Wearing your Skirt and Blouse.

1.Firstly,leave half the Saree for Pallu now with the remaining Saree fold into half from the starting point and Pinned it.

2.Next make small Pleats and tuck it in and Pin it from moving.

3.Lastly,for the Pallu made Pleats again and wrapped it around and pinned it to the Blouse.


Outfit Details:


1.Blue Georgette Saree with Pearls Lace border.

2.Red Netted Blouse.

3.Blue Skirt.

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