Argan Shampoo for Winters.

Hello People….
Wish you all a Happy New Year…How is the winter treating you all????

During Winters my major concern would be my hair.It gets too dry and looks lifeless.After moving to USA my hair stands still due to static when I straighten it in winters.
I tried a lot of products to find a best solution for this problem.Finally, Argan stood as a savior.

Argan Shampoo:

Cold weather damages the hair follicles by drying by the moisture in the hair that makes the hair dry and frizzy.I have been using the Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo for almost 8 weeks now.

Using shampoos like Argan in winters can help in boosting hair growth as it is rich in Vitamin E.


  • Helps in boosting cell production which helps in hair growth.
  • Helps in Fighting Dandruff and Dry scalp.
  • Helps in nourishing colored or bleached hair.
  • Adds a lot of shine and smoothens the hair.
  • Strengthens thin or weak hair.
  • Adds required moisture to the hair (No more static or dry hair).

Its consistency is thick pearl White in color, Packaging is pretty descent and cleans the hair well.

It contains 100% pure Argan Oil with No Artificial Fragrance,Color or Impurities.Along with Argan Oil this shampoo also consists of Avacado,Jojoba,Peach Kernel,Camellia and Almond.Which helps in nourishing the scalp with all these rich and luxurious oils.This shampoo is Hypoallergenic and sulphate free.Its made in USA and is NOT tested on animals (Cruelty free).

You can also get free Samples from this brand:

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Maple Holistics Free Sample Form
2.Fill out all the details in the form and select the type of shampoo that you want.

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