A Trip to Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Hello everyone!
Wish you all a very Happy New Year 🙂 Hope you all had fantastic New Year Celebrations and I pray that 2018 would be a fabulous year for all of us 🙂 I had a fabulous yet hectic vacation for the past 10 days and I’m trying to catch up with my routine! So talking about my Vacation, I have visited the “Walt Disney World” in Orlando, Florida with a couple of my friends (as a get together). This place was a part of my Bucket list, and I’m crazily happy that I got a chance to visit it during the Christmas season.

It is a true visual wonder and I was super excited like a kid again, watching all my favorite Disney characters. Though it might get a little expensive, it is definitely worth visiting by yourself or with your family 🙂 In my blogpost today, I want to share the highlights of my trip and also some information that might be useful if you are planning for a trip to Disney World in future 🙂

The Walt Disney World features 4 theme parks:
1. Magic Kingdom
2. Epcot
3. Disney’s Animal Kingdom
4. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
They offer one-day to multi-day ticket to visit all those four theme parks. Every park represents a different theme and I recommend visiting all the four parks by purchasing a multi-day ticket. You can purchase the tickets online and also add fast passes to access the rides at some reserved time slots, so you can skip the wait times.

We purchased a two-day four park ticket, and as it was the holiday season the crowd was way larger than usual! We had a minimum of 1- 2 hr wait times for the rides without fast passes and the maximum wait time was 6hrs 🙁 I cannot actually cover all the details of the 4 parks in a single post so I will talk about Magic Kingdom first and then make a new blog post about the other 3 parks 🙂

Aim for Glam_ Disney World_Prasanthi_Kadiyala

Magic Kingdom:
The Disney’s Magic Kingdom park is the most Magical place on earth. The park opens at 08:00 am and you should be there by 06:30 am, so you can escape at least some part of the crowd. It looks fab early in the morning with the fog, it might get warmer later on but it looks amazing in the night with all the lighting up and you shouldn’t miss it 🙂 It is worth spending a complete day at the Magic Kingdom!

What to wear and carry with you?
As it is located in Florida, the climate is way warmer. It was around 68F in the December and was not so cold even in the evenings, so you can skip the winter wear or carry very light winter wear. I have a list of few things that you should not forget on your trip:
1. Dress up in a comfortable attire : You would be moving all around in the rides, and it gets warmer during the day time. So, have that in mind and pick the outfits that you can stay in for all the day. I would suggest not to go to overboard with your outfits. You could instead pick some cute Disney themed ones and rock’em 🙂
2. Wear Comfy shoes: You will have to walk most of the time and will have to wait in long queues, so show some mercy on your foot and wear extremely comfortable foot ware. Your foot will thank you for this 🙂
3. Do not Forget a Sunscreen : It will get way warmer in the days, so avoid yourself from the sun burns and make sure to carry and apply sunscreen when you are in Florida!
4. Add some useful accessories: Don’t ever pass carrying a pair of sunglasses, a cap/hat, a scarf and a bag sufficient and comfortable to carry all your items. They will be very handy.

Aim for Glam_ Disney World_Prasanthi_Kadiyala

Things to Do:

1. Book a Fast Pass for rides so you can save some waiting time! Install the Disney’s App to track the wait times at different rides.

2. Buy a Disney’s hair band or cap, it’s so cute 🙂

3. Do not miss the Mickey’s Parade – It is fantabulous! The parade occurs twice – at 12:00pm and 03:00 pm.

4. Do not miss the light show at the Main Entrance at 09:00 pm. It is an indescribable visual magic which you should experience!!

5. Do not miss these rides. Finish these before you try the other ones 🙂

    a. Splash Mountain

    b. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

    c. Pirates of the Caribbean

    d. The Big Thunder Mountain Legend

    e.  Haunted Mansion

    f.  Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid

    g. Jungle Cruise

I don’t want to be a spoiler and talk about the rides! They are the ones to be experienced and you will be mesmerised!

Highlights of the Mickey’s Christmas Parade:

I have a few pictures from the Mickey’s Christmas Parade, they all turned out cute. I’m sharing the pictures of my personal favourite Disney Characters. Checkout my Instagram for more pictures!

Aim for Glam_ Disney World_Prasanthi_Kadiyala

Aim for Glam_ Disney World_Prasanthi_Kadiyala

Aim for Glam_ Disney World_Prasanthi_Kadiyala

Aim for Glam_ Disney World_Prasanthi_Kadiyala

Hope you like the details of the post and also the pictures 🙂 I will be back again with a new post super soon! If you like our content do follow us on instagram – @prasanthi_kadiyala. See ya!


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