Pretty Pink and Black Dress for Winter.

Hello People….

How are you all…I am back this time with a fashion look for the very first time.

As we all know winters can be boring and gloomy.We have to get covered up in layers which is so boring for parties or night outs.

I have a “Hour glass” body shape where Body-cons looks perfect.So I took that as an Advantage and

found this cute ‘Pink and Black’ body-con sweater dress with full sleeves.

The dress is stretchy enough to fit into your shape and even comfortable to walk normally.You do not have to keep adjusting the dress.It holds on to the body perfectly.

The dress thick enough to make you feel warmer in this cold weather.

I paired this with Brown Leather boots.You can even wear white sneakers and leather jacket or a jean jackets for a bit more of Chic look.

Tip Before Selecting a Body-con Dress:

1. Stretchy Fabric can sometimes stretch too much and make the dress see through.So be careful while selecting your dress.

How do you feel about this look as its my first post on Styling???Let me know in the comments.



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