Indo-Western style Saree + Giveaway winner’s Announcement

Hellooo people….

I am back again with a twist to the routine Saree that we wear…….

I think many of you must have already seen a lot of fashionista’s already trying this look.I just added few small improvisations according to my comfort.If you do not know how to drape a Saree properly this will be the easiest way and hardly takes 5-7mins.

As Winter’s are at peak I styled it with a Turtle neck t-shirt rather than the regular blouse or crop top.

I have replaced legging or trouser with my workout tights which has a nice pattern with black and grey.As my Saree is red the tights combination went well and looked unique.


Make 10-11 pleats tuck and pin them on the left side.

Now Wrap the remaining Saree around the body and makes small pleats with the Pallu and pin them.

Thats it…its damn simple and makes you look unique.You can even wear a crop top or a regular blouse too…

                                                                  Tights: Athleta Marble Salutaion.

Thank you all for participating in the give away.Winner’s for USA and India are

USA       Its.just.sri

India       Aiman_aimy

Winners please drop an email with in 7 days to

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