Free Samples from Maple Holistics for people from USA

Hello people…

I have tried a lot of shampoos mostly Organic/Sulphate free while looking for a new organic product  I found this “Maple Holistics” and wanted to give it a try and was a bit confused as its an online order and they have different type of shampoo’s to pick from.

My scalp is oily and in winters I tend to get dandruff.So I opted for TEA-TREE Shampoo as a sample.Tea tree has therapeutic benefits helps in hair growth and scalp health.Using Organic/NON-GMO products may take time to show results but will definitely help in making our scalp better.So try switching to organic products.
I have been using the MAPLE Holistics (Tea-Tree shampoo) from 2 months now.I really love the way it nourishes my scalp and helps in reducing dandruff.

The shampoo is thick white in color.Its mild and doesn’t make my hair too dry.It balances my hair so well make my hair soft and fizz free.
While going through their website i found that they have an exciting program called “SAMPLE PROGRAM”

How to receive Free Samples:(people in USA)

1.Simple Click on the below link.
Maple Holistics Free Sample Form

2.Fill out all the details in the form and select the type of shampoo that you want.

That’s it….If you are lucky enough you may even get a full sized bottle of the shampoo that you have selected. Isn’t that exciting????
So checkout for yourself which shampoo fits your hair best and let your hair enjoy some aromatherapy treats too…

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