Few tips for Good UnderArms.

Hello people…

Many of us must have faced this problem of dark under arms.Here are Few simple tips and personal experiences.I prefer Natural products than spending lots of money on products.

Always wax your underarms instead of using chemical hair removal products or razor.
Waxing can be a bit painful initially but later on you will get used to it.You can wax at home on        your own instead of going out.I prefer Chocolate wax or Aloe wax are my favorite.

After waxing immediately apply some cold compress so the pores gets closed immediately and apply some good Moisturizer or Aloe-Vera gel to sooth the skin.

Scrub your underarms at-least 2 times a week or when ever you scrub your whole body.

Yes, you read it right.
Simply mix Rice Flour/Gram Flour with some yogurt/curd and squeeze some lemon into it and apply it for both the underarms and leave it dry and wash it off with some cold water.
Frequent usage of this mask can give you better results.

You can pick Coconut or Vitamin E Oil of your choice.Apply it and massage it for 5mins everyday.You can notice the skin tends to become soft,smooth and lighter.

Few vegetables like Potato,Tomato act like best bleaching agents.
Simply take a thin potato/tomato slice and rub it on the dark spot area.
Else extract the juice of potato/tomato and massage is well on the armpits.It is one of the best natural bleach which helps in reducing the darkness.

You can again pick an Orange/Apple/Papaya and extract the juice and massage it well.

Apply some Boroline to the underarms and massage for 5mins and leave it overnight.
Boroline is a bit sticky so using at night is the best idea.

Baking Soda:
Last but not the least i would prefer this technique.Simply mix some water or lime juice in baking powder and apply it as a mask for 5mins.
I find it burning so i would put this to the last.

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  2. Niha
    September 23, 2020 / 7:36 PM

    Why boroline for underarms lightening. Can you tell us more about it ?

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