Pre wedding Natural Skin Care.

Many of us must be confused before wedding on selecting the best skin care.So today i am going to discuss about Pre-Wedding Skin care that I followed.I am not too much into chemical cosmetics.I prefer being natural by eating healthy food and practicing yoga every day.
I really did not have a lot of time for marriage hardly had 45 days.So i preferred following a natural skin care routine than flushing my skin with chemicals.You can see the below Images I hardly wore any makeup for my Mehendi. I was just wearing a lip-balm and moisturizer. You can see how lively my skin was looking.

As I am a fruits lover I made sure that i had lot of fruits in my diet because they add a lot of glow to the body as they contain all the Vitamins that are required in making our Skin healthy.Our body tends to absorb the natural colors from those fruits to enhance our skin texture.
I ate Blueberries,Strawberries,Apple,orange,peaches every day for every 2 hours interval.You can drink coconut water too everyday.
Fruits to avoid as they contain a lot of calories which makes you put on weight.

I made my own Natural scrubs i.e Coffee Scrub and Ubtan Scrub(Click on those links for the recipe).I used them 3 times a week. Do not rub too hard on the skin.Be very gentle and massage it well So that these help in de-tanning your skin.

3.VICHY Thermal Spa Water:
To calm down my skin i frequently sprayed the thermal Spa water on my face like 3-4 times a day.This is basically a spray which contains 15 different minerals which act as a soothing agent on the skin.This will help in maintaining the natural hydration of the skin.
Spray all around the face and let it dry normally.You can use this for soothing your skin from any allergies or sun stroke.

Vegetable juices are best for skin as they help in flushing out all the toxins from the body.You can use any vegetable like Beetroot,Carrot,Spinach,Kale,Cucumber.Have one glass in the morning.
Tip: Have fresh vegetable juice instead of freezing it.Add some honey and lemon juice to enhance the taste.

5.Face pack: 
I used Multhani Mitti with rose water and Himalayan Charcoal Face mask 2 times a week as face pack.

4 days before your big day just stop following all the scrubs and face packs. Let your skin breathe for few days and Drink 3 liters of water.Which will make your skin look fabulous.

I will try to blog all the simple yoga poses that help in getting a glowing skin...Untill then keep following me on Instagram @KranthiKalluru

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