iPhone Cord Protector.

Hello everyone..Today i am going to review something different than my routine hair and skin care products.
Maximum of us have iPhone’s today and many of us must have faced problem with the damage of the ends of the charging cable/headphones.
So if you are reading this post it means that your issue is resolved.
This item is called a Cord Protector. They are small rectangle cubes which holds the ends of the cable tightly so that the cable does not Bend/Move to get damaged.I got mine from Ali-Express website.
I know plain white rectangle protector does not took trendy.So to add on a trendy look they are many designs in it from simple colored blocks to cartoon shaped blocks.
You can add these protectors to your charging cable,headphones so that they are never gonna break anymore.

One more advantage with these cubes is that.If you are staying with your friends sharing a room.These would help you recognize your charger and headphones from getting misplaced with others.

They are very low at cost hardly costs you less than $1 each. Isn’t that a cheap and most useful item???
Let me know in the comments if you want a review of a particular product or object.Will review it for you guys.

Links to buy them online

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