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How are you all doing? Sorry that I was not active for a long time. I had so many things going around in my life and was really busy for the whole month. As I have already told you that I came here to US for my Master’s , it was my Graduation Time !!! And then I had my whole family here in US 🙂 I had a really great time with my family and we are all travelling a lot. On this note, I would like to thank all my friends and my family who were behind me and helped me in reaching so far. I can never forget all the help and support I got, that made me what I am today. Thanks for being there for me 🙂 Now that my parents are back home safely, even I started catching up my routine 🙂

So coming back to the blog post, I am here with a new idea to decorate your rooms with an easy DIY flower vase using oil bottles. I love decorating my house with flowers and I was hunting for some nice and creative vases. When I was shopping, I came across a vase that was made out of a glass bottle. Then I was like why can’t I try something like this which is so easy and cool.

I thought of reusing my olive oil bottles ( you can use any glass bottle). I did not just wanted to do one, but then I wanted it to be special and attractive. I came across these wool sets in Target when I went grocery shopping, it was completely what I wanted and I picked those up. I used three olive oil bottles, 2 of the same size and 1 of a different size. I have cleaned them and removed the stickers on them. I have applied glue on all the sides of the bottle starting from the bottom, and started attaching the wool carefully and closely. I finally wrapped my bottle with wool till I reached the top of the bottle and fastened the wool so that it will not come off.

I then picked these small plastic pots from Dollar Tree and tried the same with them. I like a whole bunch of them standing together in my living room with both flowers and leaves. To match my room, I have picked up some white flowers from Ikea and some plastic leaves again from Dollar Tree. I then made some pom-poms and placed them in between the vases to complete the decor.

So that’s the final look of the vases. I got many appreciations from my friends after seeing those. Do you have any other ideas or decor inspirations for your home? Let me know how you like these ones and also share with us your ideas 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @prasanthi_kadiyala


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