A good comb is the best hair elixir.

Hello everyone….How are you guys….Today let me just tell you all my journey in achieving good hair with very little change in my daily haircare routine…
I was that kind of person who always used plastic combs from childhood. Recently,we all have been hearing a lot about wooden combs.So i wanted to give it a try.
Initially I got one comb from my local grocery store and started using it.I have been using it from past 7months.I could really feel the difference in my hair texture.

Benefits with wooden brushes:
1.They are very good in conditioning the natural oils produced by the hair.
2.There is no static by the wooden comb.Where I always had this static issue in winters where my hair used to stick to my winter jacket all the time.
3.Promotes blood circulation.
4.Very smooth and gentle on the scalp.No more hurting the scalp.
5.They are eco-friendly then the plastic one’s.

I personally have 3 different types of wooden combs where i use them for different purposes.

1.Wide teeth: I use it for detangling.I kind a have fizzy hair where detangling is very difficult and i tend to shed a lot of hair while detangling.But this wide comb came as a rescue and helped me make detangling easier with no shedding.

2.Normal comb: I use it daily as it helps in balancing the natural oils from the scalp to the ends.

3.Brush comb:I use it for massaging my hair when even i apply some oil.It helps in blood circulation and a lot of relaxation from stress.

Italian wooden brushes are known as the best wooden brushes in the world.As i live in USA its really hard for me to find one here.Hoping that in future i get to use one of them and review it for you guys.
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Wash your combs very week it hardly takes 5mins.Try washing with lukewarm water if available.
Washing combs weekly will help in reducing dandruff and other problems and keeps the scalp hygienic.

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