Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo.

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Its been a really long time that i blogged something.Was busy with my last semester and now all that is done.I am back reviewing few of my favorite products.So lets get started.
Dandruff is a common issues for many of us.Even i had to face dandruff this year.Then i found this product from BODY SHOP which worked wonders.The “GINGER SCALP CARE” shampoo has helped get rid of dandruff.

I follow a simple routine before I shampoo.I oil my hair with coconut oil/Argon oil a night before I want to shampoo.I don’t drench a lot of oil all over my head.I simply apply 2 table spoons of lukewarm oil to my scalp and to my ends.Leave that oil overnight and next day I just comb my hair to remove all the fizz and for some blood circulation to the scalp.I pretty much comb my hair for 10 minutes daily.
Then while shampooing i do not directly apply the shampoo to my hair.I take a mug and mix my shampoo with some water and make it diluted and then use that to wash my hair.

GINGER shampoo contains some ginger extract which helps in removing flake and making the scalp feel refreshed.Its a transparent liquid with a light ginger odor.It contains sulfates which are anti-fungal which help in removing the dandruff.Unlike all the other sulfate shampoo’s it not too harsh on the hair.I found it quit gentle and calming on the scalp.

I find my hair dry when i use this shampoo so i use a conditioner when ever i use this shampoo.Other than that everything seems good to me and would definitely as you people to try if you are suffering from dandruff.

USA – $6
INDIA-895 Rs/-
Rating: 5/5

Kranthi Kalluru


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