A Little Black Floral Dress


How are you all? I have been a little busy with my work lately, it gets difficult to manage everything by yourself right 😑! But I think I am becoming an expert with that 😉. Between how did you guys enjoy your spring break? I didn’t really get any break from work, but however I managed to go around over the weekend and enjoy the climate here 😍😍.
I am from the coastal region of Andhra, and I love beaches a lot. Colorado is full of greenery and lakes and I have been loving this place since I have moved here 😊. I have started exploring the places recently and I have visited the “Cherry Creek State Park” over the weekend. It is a nice place to visit if you like to relax by the lake side, do some fishing and walk/bike on the trails (specially if you live locally in Denver).

As the climate is pleasant and temperatures are normal here, I wore this nice little black floral dress, which I got a long time ago from New York and Company. This is a nice store to checkout if you really like dresses and tops that are both trendy and casual 😊. The clothes are little expensive, but they are definitely worth the price or you can also pick them up when they are in sale. They have nice offers every now and then on their website, which you can checkout 😊. This store exclusively has the Eva Mendes collection, which I really love. I can also show you some stuff I got from there in my future posts. Florals to me are never out of fashion and I really love boat necks. You can carry this dress for a casual day out and also to work. Here are a few more pictures to checkout 😊.

Cherry Creek State Park

Dress – New York & Company

Accessories – Claires

I have paired this dress with some simple silver accessories I got from Claires and a sky blue handbag which I got from Malaysia. New York & Company also has some nice collection of accessories to checkout in store or online. Let me know how you like the dress 😊. Will come back again with a new post soon. Till then enjoy your week 😃😃.


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