'Derma Dew Soap' for Pigmentation Issue.

Hello Everyone. I am back reviewing another product. Before we get started, let me tell you all that this product was suggested to me by one of my friend. I was really not ready to use it as I never heard about it. Later, when I saw the change in my friend, after the Usage has really shocked me. Finally, I ended up using and falling in love with this product.

We all must have faced uneven skin tone problems at least once or quite a many times in our life. This product helps in reducing it and getting an even skin tone. This is even suggested by dermatologists for people suffering from uneven skin tone issues. It Is easily available in any drug store.

‘Derma Dew’ is a normal white soap. It contains vegetable oils along with some sulphosuccinate which helps in lightening the skin tone. It even acts well on pimple marks. It makes your skin feel so soft. Its like a normal soap but a bit creamy and lathers well. One thing I noticed is that it removes the oiliness from the body very well. I do not have to use it like 3-4 times while bathing. I just use the soap once while bathing. After a 2-3weeks of usage I found my skin getting back to the original shade and also I feel like my pimples marks reducing. Too be honest it smells so good (i.e. Johnson Baby soap Smell)

I sometimes feel my skin a bit dry after using it .So I apply moisturizer to get rid of the dryness. As you all know I live in the United States I got all this from India. I do not have the outer cover to show you all but will post a sample picture from the Web.

Note: There are many types in Derma Dew I use the Normal one.

Cost: 130/- Rs (India)


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