'Boroline' a Multipurpose Tube

Tube of magic.
I am back reviewing my all time economical handy little tube. We all buy lots of products spending a lot of money on them. But there are few products which are very affordable and can do wonders in many ways. Here I am to review one such product which is coming from ages i.e. My dad told me that he is using this product since his childhood.
Boroline’ is a small tube with magic inside. It is a green tube with thick white cream. The consistency of the cream is very thick. It can be used in many ways. It acts as antiseptic cream for healing wounds and cuts. I used to have very dark elbows then I started applying this cream on the elbows before sleeping and they have reduced a lot now.

Many of us have small burns while cooking and those marks do not go off so easily but Boroline can heal them very quickly than any other creams. Trust me I used it personally many times to heal the burn marks.
We all have those rigid Pimples marks that do not go off so easily then try putting a small amount on the marks and leave them overnight. You can find the marks getting lighter day by day (Few may find the cream too greasy as the consistency is very thick. So try applying overnight)

While coming to lips few may have a problem of chapped lips or darkness around the lips during winter. Just apply a little bit of Boroline and leave it over night. By morning you will see that the dead layer is coming out and you will be left with soft pink lips.
Infections are quite common in rainy season due to the moisture in the air. Any infections or rashes just apply Boroline. You will get rid of it easily.
What more do you want ? When a small tube can do these many wonders. So grab one from yours local pharmacy.

Cost:  10 Rs/-
           2.99$(Any Indian Store)

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