Bathpowder/Nalugupindi Preparation and Usage

As Indian’s we all have the habit of using Ubtan/Nalugupindi from childhood. When I visited my grand mom place as a kid the usage of this ubtan was more there. My mom learnt quite a few techniques in preparing ubtan which I am gonna share with you all today. I use this atleast twice a week whenever I have a hair wash I prefer using it along.
It makes your skin feel refreshed. Too many chemicals on skin may cause aging on a longer run. So following few steps like these can make your skin look young and refreshed. Removal of Tan is quite simple with this. So let’s get started .
They are 3 types out of which one is a very complex one. If you really have time you can prepare it. Other 2 are very simple and need a very few ingredients. But let me tell you all the results are amazing.

Process 1:
Green Gram (Pesalu) -1 Kg
Rice  -50grams
Orange Peel -25
Rose petals- 20 Flowers
1.We need a little bit of preparation for this. We need to sundry the orange peels for almost 10days.The moisture content should be totally gone. When we are trying to break the orange peel to small pieces .They must break very easily like crisp.
2. Then sundry green gram (Pesalu) and Rice for 3 days. We usually follow this process in order to store it for longer duration. We all know even a little bit of moisture will spoil the whole powder from being preserving for longer period.
3. Now sundry the rose petals for 2 days.
4. Take mixer first add the Green gram (Pesalu) and rice to it and make it to powder. Keep it aside now.
5. Now in the same mixer add orange peel and Rose petals and make them to powder.
6. Now mix this to the Green Gram (Pesalu) and rice powder that we have kept aside.
7. Now you can store this in a dry container.
It will stay almost for 6months.This is the basic process that I follow. This improves your texture so much. It really helps in tan removal. I usually mix it will rose water and apply it as a pack. when it is totally dried I just rub the whole pack in clockwise direction and wash it off with cold water.

Process 2:
I do not use this process as I have allergy to Besan but my mom and other cousins use it and found it to be really good.
Chana dal – 500grams
Rice -50grams
Oats -100grams
Turmeric –As required
Tulsi Leaves- 200grams
1.Sun dry all the ingredients i.e. Chana dal, Rice,Oats and Tulsi Leaves for 3 days.
2. Add all these to a mixer and grind them coarsely. add 1 table spoon of turmeric to this powder.
4.Store in it a dry container.
This lasts up to 3 months. My mom basically uses this with tomato juice. She mixes all these to a paste applies to her face as a pack. After dried just rub it in a clock wise direction. This will help in removing the tan and an extra glow is added to the skin. Wash with cold water.

 Process 3:
This is process requires many ingredients. All these are available in the ayurvedic shops. Currently I am using this powder. The smell is so good and your skin feels so refreshed. This also helps a lot in tan removal.
Green Gram – 1000grams
Rice -50grams
Orange peel -20
Ayurvedic Ingredients:
Bavanchalu -25grams
 Babchi Seeds
Karchuralu -25grams
Round Zedoary  
Vattivellu -25grams
 Khus Grass
Gandam Powder -15grams
Sandal wood
Pasupu Kommulu -2/3

1. Sun dry all the ayurvedic Ingredients along with orange peel for 10days.
2. Sun dry all the normal green gram and Rice for 3 days.
3. Firstly, Add all the ayurvedic Ingredients to a mixer and grind it( don’t make them a soft powder).
4. Keep the ayurvedic powder aside ,
5. Now add the green gram,rice and orange peel to a mixer and grind them to a soft powder.
6. For  every 1000grams of this green gram, rice and orange peel powder. Add 100 grams of this ayurvedic powder.
7. Store it in a dry container.
I mix it with rose water/curd/tomato juice. Apply it as a face pack. When dried I just rub it in clockwise Direction and wash it off with cold water.

Do not use soap or face wash for 12 hours after using these powders.


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