The Banana Shampoo.

Recently I have been to ‘Super Cuts’ for trimming my hair. Then the hair stylist was appreciating my hair saying that it’s very healthy with no split ends or breakage and she was inquiring me about the shampoo I use. Then I told her that I use the ‘BANANA Shampoo’ from ‘THE BODY SHOP’. She said natural shampoos are far better as the chemical ones leave your hair dry and lifeless.
So here I am to share one of my hair secrets J.I have light curls. My hair gets oily every 2 days so I need to shampoo it every alternate day. Then I came to know about the BANANA Shampoo have been using it from past 1 year and I am never disappointed with the usage.

 It’s a light yellow liquid Packed in a transparent plastic bottle with black cap. It cleans the hair so well leaving it free from oiliness. It contains natural banana puree and smells exactly like banana which you will love it.

It makes my hair soft unlike the normal shampoos .I feel my curls soft enough and is easily manageable. I do not use conditioner when I use this as my hair is manageable. People who have the habit of using a conditioner can also use it. People who love to use natural products must give this a try.

Very less amount of shampoo is required and lasts long.A bottle comes around 1.5 months to me with every alternate day hair wash(Shoulder length hair)

It is very mild and very good for people who wash their hair daily.
It contains fewer chemicals.
It balances the moisture in the hair.
Reduces hair fall (now I just have like 10-15 strands fall every time I shampoo).

It does not work well for very curly hair (only for straight or semi curly hair).

8.4 fl.oz    8$
250 ml       795 Rs/-

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