Maybelline – The Blushed Nudes

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We all love make over right. I personally like to look simple and elegant whenever I have to get ready, let it be to work to a casual outing. I don’t prefer wearing a lot of makeup on my face, but I really like eye make-up. So today I’m going to review a eye shades palette from Maybelline New York – The Blushed Nudes. They are now available in the Indian market as well. These are very light shades and are perfect for a simple everyday look.

The Blushed Nudes Maybelline

 The palette comes in 12 shades including lighter and darker shades.It also comes with the applicators. It is a little disappointing that the lighter shades are too light and they should be layered to show on.

The Blushed Nudes Maybelline
The Blushed Nudes Maybelline
The Blushed Nudes Maybelline Swatches – Quad 1
The Blushed Nudes Maybelline Swatches – Quad 2
The Blushed Nudes Maybelline Swatches – Quad 3

As you can see, the 3rd and 4th shades in each quad have a better texture and are quite visible. On the whole, they are not highly pigmented. So if you have pigmentation in your eye-area or a darker eye area then you might need to add more layers. When comes to texture, they are soft and blend easily. But yes, as I have mentioned before if you are looking for a simple look you can go for it. They are really affordable and are best advisable for beginners. Instead of affording thousands of bucks for eye palettes you can start with these.

If you are planning to get these in US, you can get them in Target, Ulta beauty or similar places. And in India you can get them in stores or malls from Maybelline counters.

Price: $9.99  or Rs.899 


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