DIY Flower Wall Decor

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We all love decorating our house and specially our rooms with nice flowers and wall decor. I love decorating my room with flowers but the original flowers don’t last long and I am kind of lazy to replace them everyday. So I prefer decorating my room with DIY paper flowers. There are many benefits with them because they look natural, they last longer and they are easy to make. I have an easy DIY wall hanging which you can make in like an hour and decorate your house for any special occasions or just make them when ever you are free.

Things you Need:

Chart Paper (Thick paper) any color

White Crinkle cut Shredded Paper 

Satin Ribbon

A pair of Scissors



How to Make?

Start by cutting your chart into a square of desired dimensions. Follow the below steps:

Once you are done with these steps, glue both the ends together to give it a shape of petal. 

Make as many petals as you want and glue them together to give it a shape of a flower.

Let it dry for some time. Mean while make two more flowers following the same steps. Then take a bunch of shredded paper and use a plaster to stick the back (bottom) of the flower and spread it all around. Repeat this for all the three flowers. When you have them all ready, stick the three flowers together to form a bunch.

Once you have the bunch, take a satin ribbon, cut it to the desired length and tie the ends. Stick the ribbon to the flower bunch from the back. You can also the glittered paper if you have. That can give add shine to your flower bunch.

Your DIY flower hanging is all ready to go. Hang it in you room and give a re-decor to your house. You can make a lot of them and hang them around when you have any special occasions. They last longer, give a pleasant appeal and become a special attraction. Hope you like these flowers. Give it try and let me know how you have decorated your rooms with these. Will come back again with more creative and interesting posts. Till then Happy Blogging!!


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