The British Rose shower gel

As I told you all that I am very much fascinated with shower gels. I am a big fan of "THE BODY SHOP" they have a great collection I have almost tried everything from their collection. Here comes the newly launched product ‘THE BRITISH ROSE’. The day I smelled it in the store I have become a huge fan for this.

 I couldn’t resist at all so grabbed a few items from its collection. One of it is the shower gel I feel like sitting in the tub for the whole day due to the fragrance.
It has a perfect natural rose scent and feels like roses blooming in the bathroom. It has a light pink colored liquid and the packing is so pretty with pink and black combination. The consistency is a bit thicker than the other shower gels.

It is a soap free cleanser and Lathers rich even without a loofah .So it is going to last longer than the normal shower gels. It transports you to a field of roses on a hot summer day. It is just so appropriate for the summers.  It keeps the moisture in place and doesn’t make the body dry. It leaves a tint of the rose on the body.
I would suggest trying this for sure and you will never be disappointed for it.

Price: 10$ 8.4 oz
Rating :5/5              

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