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Hello all!

How’s everything going? We are very happy that you people are liking our blog. We are here again with a new post for all the curly hair beauties. I have curly hair and I know how difficult it is to manage. The curly hair looks at it best when it is wet and we can see the defined curls. But I know, unfortunately it doesn’t last long, as it becomes frizzy and bushy ones our hair dries. It is difficult to remove the tangles, find the right products, hair styles and haircuts.And that’s the reason why most of us get attracted to straightening whether it be using flat irons or going for treatments  like hair straightening or smoothing. And trust me none of these are actually good for hair. I always wanted to go for those treatments but then I was worried about the side effects.

And then later on when I have moved to metropolitan cities in India, I started visiting Salons Tony & Guy, Jawed Habibs and Page 3 where I used to talk with the right people who know a lot about curly hair. None of then suggested me to opt straightening because they knew the after effects. They just suggested me to go for Smoothing or Keratin Therapy, which gives a naturally wavy to straight if I badly needed a change of style. With their recommendations, I have started exploring products which are specially meant for curly hairs. So here I have two awesome products that can be used for styling your hair, and make your curls beautiful in a effortless way.

These are the products from Bumble and Bumble and they help lock and define the curls. The first one is a Curl Conscious calming creme which helps smooth, soften and loosen tight curls that tend to frizz. On the whole it keeps your curls tamed and defined.

Price : $29

You can take a quarter-sized amount or more depending on your hair length and apply it to the towel dried hair from the roots to the ends. It is creamy in nature and locks your curls. After applying this, you can crunch your hair with both the hands to define your curls and you are good to go.

The second one is a styling product which you can use the curl creme. It is a Conditioning Mousse for soft, boisterous and crunch-free curls. This creates a frizz free, touchable curls while locking in the moisture with the curl-optimizing HydraSculpt Blend. I like the design of the bottle 🙂

Price: $31

To start off shake the bottle well and press the button until you get a desired(quarter-sized or more) amount of the mousse in your hand. It looks like a thick foam. Spread it in both your hands, and start applying it to hair. You can crunch your hair with your hands if you need. Use a curl diffuser or a hair dryer to finish off the look. This is how a diffuser looks and you have to use it by attaching it to your hair dryer. Place the ends of your hair on the diffuser and twist your hair in the diffuser till you reach the roots and them start blowing. This will keep the curls locked for a long time.

Price : starting from $10

How do I use them?

I have told you how the products work. But I don’t like my hair too curly either and I don’t have a diffuser. So I would like to make it a little simple while styling my hair. These are the steps I follow:

1. Wash my hair with a shampoo and then apply conditioner.

2. Towel dry my scalp and hair.

3. Apply a leave on serum to my semi-dry and remove the tangles.

4. Use a heat protect spray, because I will use a hair dryer.

5. Apply the BB Curl Conscious Creme to my hair from the roots to ends.

6. Apply the BB Curl Conditioning Mousse to my hair and crunch them with my hands.

7. I will drape my hair with a towel over head and leave it for 5 minutes (This is a alternate method for diffuser)

8. After 5 minutes, I will take off the towel and use a hair dryer to separate my curls and dry my hair. (Do not dry your hair too much, let it be damped).

9. It tends to become frizzy if it dries too much. I don’t like it that way, so I whenever I feel they are becoming frizzy again I would like to spray some water or using my hands to wet my hair a little.

The best part of these products is if you apply/spray some water to your hair, the products get reactivated and will lock your curls again without letting them to frizz.

I started loving my curls after using these products. I don’t anymore feel bad for having a curly hair. So girls, try these and I am sure you will love them. You can grab these products from the Sephora store or even online. Try these amazing products and let me know how they work for you.

Leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments section. See you soon with more interesting stuff. Happy Blogging!!


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