For Acne free Skin "Tea Tree Face Wash"

As I told you all in my earlier posts that I am a great fan of the body shop. Today I am going to review one the best face wash from ‘THE BODY SHOP ’.

Tea Tree” name has become quiet famous in the recent times especially for oily skin people. I have heard it a lot of times but never tried it. I have an oily skin and it is prone to acne quite often. I used the ‘Himalaya Neem Face’ wash for almost 7 years in ‘INDIA’ and found it quite manageable. But when I moved to the ‘United States’ I couldn’t find any Himalaya stores near me.

Then once my roommate suggested me to try Tea Tree Face wash from Body Shop. I pretty did not like it on the first instance then I used it for a week and found out that my acne has gradually started reducing. The marks/Blemishes on my face have reduced to almost 90 percent. After a continuous usage for 2 months I have noticed that my skin has become clearer, evener. 

‘Tea Tree Face wash' is light green in color liquid. It is a bit runny than the normal ones. It comes in a white and green bottle with a flip cap. You can feel the peppermint/cooling sensation on your face when you apply it. It has less lather and is very good for oily skin. It is one of the best face wash for the summer. It suits all types of skin especially the oily.

Main Advantages:
·                     Keeps the moisture in place .No over drying of skin.
·                   Works as described on blemished and oily skin to reduce break-outs.
·                     Peppermint/cooling sensation after face wash.
·                     Quantity lasts longer like on an average of 3-4months.

You can even get the mini bottle which is travel friendly from any BODY SHOP store or online. Which will be a bit helpful while travelling.

Rating: 5/5

Price: 14$ 8.4 fl oz

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