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I am back again with a post reviewing the acne solutions clear skin system from Clinique. In recent days, acne is the main skin concern for so many people and of different age groups. I have been personally facing this problem since my teen age. I have tried everything to get rid of them, let it be home remedies or products that promise to help clear acne. I was able to get rid of them for a while when I have entered into my 20’s and now since I have moved to US, I am facing the same old issue.
I have started searching for some products again and then I found this acne solutions kit.

I have a combination oily skin and I am prone to acne on my cheek area and near my jaw line. I have at least one or two breakouts on my face everyday and the number increases if I have any health issues or if I don’t get a proper sleep. I have described my concerns with a Clinique skin care consultant and they have suggested me this product.

Price: $38

The kit comes with a cleansing foam, a clarifying lotion and a over-all clearing treatment. The cleansing foam and the clarifying lotion have Salicylic Acid as their active ingredient.

The medicated cleansing foam promises of clearing and preventing acne. It removes dirt and excess oil and unclogs pores. It comes with a pumping system and has to be used twice everyday. I am not so much satisfied with this product, because even after washing my face, I still feel the oiliness in my face which I don’t really like.

The clarifying lotion is a medicated formula which promises to exfoliate, reduce excess oil that can lead to breakouts. It unclogs pores and controls excess shine. It has a powder like content dissolved in liquid. Every time we use, we need to shake the lotion vigorously and use a cotton ball and sweep the lotion over face and neck area. I really like this lotion because I can see it removing the dust from my face and I get a fresh feel when ever I use this lotion.

The all-over clearing treatment contains Benzoyl peroxide as its active ingredient. The power of benzoyl peroxide helps to treat existing acne and prevent future breakouts. This provides light hydration to the skin. After using the cleansing foam and lotion, our skin needs some hydration and the right amount is provided by this. The best thing about this is it will not make your skin oily.

The best thing about this acne kit is you can use this as a start-up for your every day and night routine. After using all the three products you can use your regular moisturisers or creams on top of it.

The kit promises to reduce your acne completely within two weeks. I cannot really say that it completely reduces your acne but I can surely say that it is reducing the amount. I have observed a visible difference on my face after using this acne system. And one more thing to remember, let it be any new product which you are trying to include in your skin care routine, give it some time to see the difference. Because your skin is not used to it, it takes a quite amount of time to get used to it and once you have started using it make sure you use it regularly.

Rating: 4/5.

I hope this is useful for you guys and let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments section. We will be back with more useful stuff in future posts. Till then Happy Blogging!!


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