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If you have love for Avocados and you are take joy in turning them to nice recipes, all you need is someone to share with

How is it going? As we have promised to keep you guys updated with both health and beauty updates, here I am with a healthy recipe. I have started full flexed cooking since last year. I am not the type who eats a lot of food (in terms of quantity), but I like trying new recipes. In fact, I get bored eating the same kind of food repeatedly. I am a skinny girl and I am trying to find all the type of food that helps me gain some fat that is “healthy“. Avocados are of those which fall into this range. They are packed with all the ‘good’ fats, fiber, potassium and proteins that our body needs. But I still agree it is a little tasteless to consume. It is nice to consume them in the form salads and dips, but we Indians need some spicy food right ?? 😛

So here I am with the yummy “Avocado Parathas”. If you are the type who doesn’t like avocados then you should also try this. Trust me you can never know that these are made of avocados. Here is the recipe:


Avocados (ripe) – 1 or 2

Lemon – 1
Green Chillies – 1 or 2
Garlic – 3 to 4 cloves
Wheat Flour

How to Start?

Start by cutting the avocados into halves, till you hit the seed. Once you hit the seed, take off the knife, take the avocado in both your hands and twist it to make into two halves.

Now hit the seed with your knife a little harder to twist it again to take off the seed. 

You can take out the the pulp using a spoon or you can cut it with you knife into small cubes and take them out. 

Once you have the pulp, take it in a mixing bowl and mash them to form a paste with your hands or using a potato masher. 

Now, cut the green chillies, garlic cloves into small spices and chop the cilantro.

We have all the ingredients ready to start our parathas. Add these to the mixing bowl and squeeze the lemon so we can start mixing them. Add one spoon of olive oil and salt to taste. 

Now add the dough, in intervals while mixing to form a nice dough. Do not add any water until it is needed. 

Your dough should start leaving the bowl and also your hands & look like this to roll nice parathas. Cover and set this dough aside for 15 minutes. 

After 15 mins, separate the dough , dip it in some wheat flour and start rolling. 

I tend to make my parathas a little large because I like them that way. 😀 Take a pan, heat it with medium flame and place the rolled paratha on it. Flip it over until both the sides are a little brownish. Now add butter (optional) on both the sides one after the other by flipping. Make as many as you need. With one avocado you can make 4 full sized parathas. 

These are good to go in the traditional way with some pickle, onions and curd. You can also consume it with some side dishes or curry. So try them and let me know how it was. Also, share your suggestions and feedback with us in the comments. Will come over with more interesting stuff. Till then Happy Blogging!!


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