How to make a square knot?

Hi all!

Here I am again to write about how to make a square knot like I have promised you in my last post. I thought it is better to post quickly so you guys can try it if you like 🙂 Going into the topic quickly, you will need cords (wax cords or thread ones which ever you may prefer). I have used wax cords to make by bracelets. You will need two cords to make a square knot, one for the base and other for doing knots. Measure and cut the cord according to wrist and make sure to leave enough space to make it a adjustable one, this will be your base cord. Take the other cord twice the length of the previous one. You can take a cord making board if you have or if not you can use a crochet hook or a pen or any support for holding ends of your base cord.

Place the second cord underneath the first cord such that it is equally placed on both the sides, leave adequate space and tie a knot to start off your bracelet.

Now starting with the left side, make a D – shaped loop with one end of the cord and bring the right side end over the left side end and take it from underneath the base cord into the loop. You need to have both your cords in the shape as shown in picture 8. Once you have that ready, pull both the ends of the cord together to complete your square knot. 🙂 Now work the same way making the D – loop from the right side. You need to continue working both sides till you enough square knot you need. Simple right ? 

So give a try and let me know how it works for you 🙂 You will apply the same for making adjustable finish for your bracelet. 

Hold both the ends of the bracelet once you are done between your fingers, make sure they don’t overlap. Take another cord, ties the ends with it and start your square knots. When you done, in the cut cut the cords and glue them with the knot so they don’t open up. Let it dry for 1 hour and you are done 🙂 Will get back to you with new and interesting stuff again 🙂


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